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In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

Advertising leaflet


In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

The advertising leaflet: a compact format for maximum information at the best price.

The leaflet offers a wealth of content in a small space! It is the perfect marketing document to summarise the essence of an activity or to present a new product with a controlled budget.

Do you want to print an advertising flyer to communicate your offers or services? We can print a 3-page leaflet (triptych) or a 2-page leaflet (4-page flyer) from 25 to 10,000 copies. 

The leaflet offers a wealth of content in a small space! It is the perfect marketing document to summarise the essence of an activity or to present a new product with a controlled budget.

Do you want to print an advertising flyer to communicate your offers or services? We can print a 3-page leaflet (triptych) or a 2-page leaflet (4-page flyer) from 25 to 10,000 copies. 

Options: 1, 2 or 3 flaps
Single fold, rolled, accordion, window
Delivered folded, ready to use
Laminating option
From 25 copies

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The characteristics of an advertising leaflet

By definition, an advertising leaflet is a small format communication medium with at least one fold and is characterised by its "folded sheet" appearance.


The different types of leaflets and folds

Looking for a brochure or leaflet? You have come to the right place with COPYMAGE. The advertising leaflet has several pages (minimum 4 pages) and is different from the advertising brochure because it is neither bound nor stapled.

Do you want to print leaflets to distribute in large numbers at trade fairs or make them available to your customers on a display stand? COPYMAGE can help you with your project to print cheap 4 or 6 page leaflets.  

Before you succeed in your advertising leaflet printing project, it is essential to choose the leaflet model that is best suited to the effect you wish to produce. Depending on the type of leaflet and folds, you should be aware that the grip and reading direction are different. The choice of fold will therefore have an impact on the overall understanding of your printed leaflet. If you are looking for a cheap flyer, the ideal choice is a classic model.

2-panel leaflet 1 fold

The 2-page advertising flyer with a central fold (also known as a 4-page flyer) is the most common and most economical communication flyer. Printed on both sides, its simple design allows easy and immediate consultation of commercial information. Its folding type is called the single fold. This is the recommended format for those looking for a cheap flyer.

3-panel leaflet 2 folds

Also known as a triptych leaflet or advertising triptych, this leaflet has 2 folds for 3 panels. For this leaflet, which consists of 6 useful pages, there are several folding possibilities:

3-panel folded leaflet

Printed folded leaflets are perfect for categorising arguments. Its opening allows a progressive discovery of the benefits. The 2-fold leaflet creates a surprise in the content of your advertising document.

Accordion leaflet

As its name suggests, the 2-fold accordion folder has a Z-shaped opening. Also known as a zig-zag fold or parallel fold, it is reminiscent of accordion postcards. Original and fun, it allows you to present very distinct commercial offers. The Z-fold is also ideal for presenting a geographical map.

Window-fold leaflet

This leaflet consists of 2 flaps that open onto an inner page. The particularity of the window fold is that it offers two reading stages. The recipient discovers the outer windows which reveal an inner message in time 2. The back is usually dedicated to the logo, company details and a quick summary of the commercial offer.

Cross fold leaflet

The cross fold can be made with an A4 or A5 folder and consists of folding a sheet of paper in 4, forming a cross with the two folds. It allows you to be more creative and to propose to the reader to discover the information in two steps.

At COPYMAGE, we also offer flyer printing to help you deploy your communication strategy with a simpler and more compact medium, particularly during mass street distribution or letterbox towing operations.

Frequently asked questions about printing advertising flyers

What type of lamination for a leaflet: matt, glossy or soft-touch?

This is an important question when printing 3-panel or 2-panel leaflets! You should know that each type of lamination has its advantages. To help you see more clearly, COPYMAGE's advisors will give you some explanations.

Matte leaflet

Matte paper is both light and fingerprint resistant and does not generate reflections. Because it absorbs more ink, it gives the images on your corporate brochure a higher contrast effect and enhances the rendering of perspectives.

Glossy leaflet

Glossy paper brings out the bright colours and has a very luminous appearance. It gives your leaflet a more sophisticated and visible appearance. It is perfect if your leaflet has a lot of visuals.

Soft-touch leaflet

Soft-touch paper provides an elegant and professional matt finish and a pleasant feel. Its advantage: few reflections on the surface.

What is the ideal paper weight for an advertising leaflet?

The choice of paper weight is an essential and delicate choice when printing an advertising flyer. This choice will depend on the use you wish to make of your 3-panel or 2-panel flyer, but also on the high-end positioning you wish to give to your brand.

Will your sales brochure be distributed on the street or made available to the public (in a shop or at a trade fair, for example)?

Will it be handled by a large number of people or consulted on an ad hoc basis? Will it be sent by post or delivered in person?

All these parameters will help you to define the level of paper rigidity you will need for printing an advertising leaflet. Indeed, a leaflet that is passed from hand to hand, particularly at a trade fair, will need to be more resistant and therefore thicker.

If, on the other hand, you decide to send your leaflet by postal mailing, it is important to opt for a low grammage so as not to generate additional costs for postage.

Here are some tips and examples of the different paper weights we offer for printing your advertising leaflet:

Leaflet 80g/m2

The 80 g/m2 paper is an uncoated paper. It is light and thin and can be used to send an advertising leaflet in an envelope to save on the cost of postage.

But beware! Because of the lightness of this paper weight, it generates a transparency that is not very appreciated when printing flyers on both sides. However, it remains the best alternative if you are looking to print a cheap leaflet.

Leaflet 135g/m2

This paper is more resistant but still flexible. For printing a triptych flyer, this paper offers a qualitative grip and can be completed with a matt or glossy finish.

Leaflet 170g/m2

Semi-rigid, this paper weight is similar to lightweight cardboard. It is the thickest soft paper. It guarantees a good texture and excellent colour rendering. It is available in a coated version and, depending on the type of paper, can be finished with a glossy, matt or satin finish.

Leaflet 250g/m2 and 400g/m2

These top-of-the-range rigid papers are ideal for printing advertising leaflets that must last over time. Its thickness guarantees resistance and durability.

Matt or glossy coated leaflet

Coated with several layers of pigments to improve its look and feel, this type of paper is used by printers to improve the print quality of a leaflet. Glossy coated paper is a colour enhancer, while matt coated paper is more sober and discreet. Its rough feel is more resistant to handling.

By choosing a paper of 170g/m2 or more, you can benefit from the creasing option: an advanced folding technique that will give a cleaner result when folding, thanks to a groove made at the fold.

Which format for which leaflet?

As mentioned above, the leaflet differs from the brochure, from the tri-fold brochure or the flap folder because of its small size. Among the standard formats of advertising leaflets, we find the A4 leaflet and the A5 leaflet.

A4 leaflet - open format: 29.7 cm x 21 cm

The A4 leaflet is the most common type of leaflet. Popular with advertisers and companies, the cheap leaflet offers a sufficiently large printable (or useful) surface to communicate commercial arguments. Starting with an A4 format advertising leaflet, there are several choices of layouts available to you:

  • A4 folder with 2 parts and 1 fold, which in closed format gives: 14.8 cm x 21 cm
  • A4 3-panel leaflet with 2 folds (rolled folds or accordion folds) which gives in closed format: 9.9 cm x 21 cm

A5 leaflet - open format: 21 cm x 14.8 cm

The A5 leaflet is the smallest and most economical advertising leaflet. Its short size allows for only one central fold (as it would be difficult to read the content beyond this). The A5 leaflet with 1 fold and 2 flaps gives a closed format of 10.5 x 14.8 cm.

Its advantage: a low-cost leaflet to print, perfect for volume distribution in the street and for communicating short, immediate information!

Do youneed help or advice on a feasibility study for a particular leaflet format? Need to print leaflets in a hurry? Contact COPYMAGE for an immediate response.

3-panel leaflet
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