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Printing of small or large format customised stickers

To decorate, to inform customers or to communicate about a product or service: stickers are very useful and practical communication media to apply and remove. Whether you are in a company, an association or a community, COPYMAGE offers to print your stickers 100% personalised with the colours of your organisation, while taking advantage of numerous customisation options concerning the size or finish of your support.


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A 100% customised sticker available in 4 hours

from Dès 13,00

Delivered in sheets from 50 copies
The perfect marketing tool to promote your brand

from Dès 13,00

A 100% personalised sticker for a trendy and impactful campaign

from Dès 13,00

from Dès 13,00

from Dès 13,00

Custom Monomer & Polymer printing. 


from Dès 13,00

Customised window stickers: highly resistant and easy to apply


Custom-made window sticker ideal for dressing and communicating effectively


from Dès 13,00

from Dès 13,00

Delivered in sheets
easy removal of stickers

from Dès 13,00

from Dès 13,00

from Dès 13,00

Indispensable for communicating in large format, both indoors and outdoors


100% customisable self-adhesive letter

from Dès 10,00

Custom cutting and high quality vinyl for impactful communication


from Dès 13,00

 Impactful and economical, ultra-resistant: choose vinyl flooring


Easy to apply with transfer film.
Rain and UV resistant vinyl sticker

from Dès 13,00

The sustainable and 100% customisable communication medium


Essential to communicate on the product, its composition, its origin or your brand


The ideal support to stand out during the sales


Decorate your shop window and get your message across in an original way 

from Dès 20,00

The different types of stickers we offer

The main advantage of adhesives is undoubtedly the ease with which they can be applied to all smooth and flat surfaces: packaging, delivery bags, shop fronts, mirrors, walls, Plexiglas supports or even floors, and many others. Thanks to this and to the many possibilities when creating it, this support can be used to communicate on a product, to indicate your opening hours or to decorate your shop window for sales or the end of year celebrations.

In our online shop, we offer you the option ofprinting small stickers to add to your packages, to use for personalising your packaging or to market. Depending on the model chosen, you can use these stickers to indicate the names of your products or their composition.

Small format customised stickers can also help you optimise your working time by printing pre-filled labels for your shipments and the sending of your parcels, or even "urgent" or "fragile" labels, you will save precious time during each shipment. In addition, it allows you to highlight your professionalism and to stand out thanks to labels personalised with your company's colours.

Finally, you can order large or even very large stickers on our site, which will allow you to completely transform your shop window according to the different periods of the year or in order to highlight a product or service that you wish to communicate about.

Good to know: we also offer to print stickers to be placed on professional vehicles, on the rear window or on the bodywork. Easy to apply, these stickers allow you to advertise your company when you are on the road by highlighting your logo, the name of your company, the products or services you offer and your contact details. Particularly useful for craftsmen and sales people.

The advantages of adhesive media

As you can see, adhesives are available in a wide range of formats and are easy to apply, so they can be used in many different circumstances, and that's not their only advantage.

Indeed, they are also very economical, which makes them an ideal element to decorate a window or a stand in a temporary way: for the launch of a product or during a private sale period in particular. Effective, visible and inexpensive, they offer excellent value for money.

Whatever their size, stickers are also very versatile as they can be put on walls and floors, or on packaging, even on notebooks, cars or even computers when distributed to customers as goodies. A great way to implement a large-scale communication strategy without needing a large budget.

Finally, stickers are a fun and modern gift to give to your customers, prospects or employees in order to considerably increase your visibility without being intrusive.

Good reasons to entrust your printing to COPYMAGE

If you want your stickers to be visible even from a distance, using a professional printer like COPYMAGE is the best solution: our high-performance machines designed specifically for printing communication media allow us to guarantee high-quality printing, with inks that are both UV-resistant and weather-resistant. As a result, you will be able to install your adhesives outdoors without the risk of them fading or peeling off.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from a variety of media, including

  • Monomeric vinyl: resistant and more economical, this vinyl has a lifespan of about two years if installed outdoors. The ideal use of this vinyl is indoors, or for temporary communication.
  • Polymer vinyl: more resistant than monomer, this vinyl can remain outdoors for over ten years without deteriorating. It is also ideal for floor stickers that will be walked on by many people and therefore need to be stronger.
  • Microperforated vinyl: with its micro-holes, this vinyl allows light to penetrate, so it can be used as a communication tool while preserving confidentiality and letting daylight in.
  • The windowpane The mirror-effect vinyl is an excellent alternative for professionals who wish to personalise the exterior of their shop in a durable manner, for example to display the name of the sign.

Finally, it is important to note that entrusting your sticker printing to a printer such as COPYMAGE allows you to take advantage ofcustomisation options concerning the cut and size of your stickers, which can be made 100% to measure. You can therefore print stickers in the shape of arrows, Christmas ornaments or even icons of your choice (scissors, glasses, burgers, cakes, etc.).

Frequently asked questions about adhesives

How does amalgam printing work?

At COPYMAGE, we strive to offer our customers the best value for money, so that every professional can print all the communication materials they need to promote their business, products and services. However, there are some tricks that can help you control your budget, such asamalgam printing.

The principle: take advantage of your adhesive order to order several different models, and thus vary your communication media. This is an excellent way to make your customers want to collect the different models and therefore to place several orders, or to visit your shop several times.

Finally, this allows you toincrease the quantity of stickers ordered and therefore to benefit from sliding scale prices, thanks to which you can reduce your costs linked to the printing of stickers, and therefore print other media such as flyers or posters for example.

What options can be applied to the stickers?

Depending on the type of adhesive you have chosen, you will be able to apply one or more options concerning the appearance, shape or size of your support. In particular, we suggest you apply a matt or glossy lamination to your stickers, which will change their appearance and also make them more resistant to tearing and wear.

The small stickers, available for orders of 50 or more, can be cut to size or in a round, oval, rectangular or square shape. They will then be sent to you on a single sheet or individually according to your preferences.

Large format adhesives can be printed on monomeric, polymeric, micro-perforated or window vinyl. Available in custom sizes up to A0, they can also be anti-slip when used as floor stickers, and comply with the B1 fire standard, required in many enclosed areas open to the public.