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Bound folder is the term commonly used for all products that contain several printed and bound sheets. Brochure, catalog, book, COPYMAGE offers a wide range of finishes and bindings to meet all your objectives.




To learn more about the different bindings, discover our ZOOM on bindings.



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High-end papers and finishes for a guaranteed chic effect


Durable training books with 100% flat opening.


Best value for money
quality and professional rendering


A4 format - 2 metal points, availablein 4H. 


Compact and economical A5 format  


A6 mini format, ideal for mass distribution


High quality binding for a perfect fit. 


The quality of a professional print without having to go anywhere.


Square format (20x20 or 15x15) to make you stand out


Book-like glued binding
High quality and resistant rendering
24 hour express delivery


Metal or plastic binding
Finishing touches for a professional look


Glued square back binding for a bookstore look


4 pages in stapled binding


Perfect ally to transmit your message with efficiency


Compact and multifunctional format


Your best ally for your HR communication


Compact support at the heart of your business strategy


Best value for money
quality and professional rendering


16 pages in stapled binding


24 pages in stapled binding


32 pages in stapled binding


8 pages in stapled binding


Ideal as a corporate gift or diary. To be personalised. Available in A5 and A6.


Successful dissertation printing


Activity report: the guarantee of a professional rendering


For internal use or to communicate with investors or shareholders 


Succeeding with your thesis thanks to professional quality printing


A4 format - 4H express option and free delivery


Compact and economical A5 format  


What are the different linked files offered by COPYMAGE? 

A bound folder can take many forms and its uses are endless. Here is an overview of just a few of the many possible uses:

  • The book linked : ideal for conducting meetings or training sessions, it will fit all your client presentations or end-of-course presentations.
  • The magazine or booklet : Enhance your image and present your company or your products. This solid and aesthetic support will be perfect for your internal or commercial communication.
  • The book, self-publishing, novel : Self-publishing your work is an economical process that will allow you to easily promote yourself without the intermediary of a publisher.
  • The menu or restaurant card: This is an ideal and economical bound document for a restaurant owner who changes the menu often. You can laminate the pages for a more pleasant feel or opt for an open easel position to place it on the tables in your restaurant.

Whatever the choice of bound file, we will find the best solution to bind the different sheets and give your document the seriousness and professionalism necessary for your image.

There are different types of bindings, the choice of which depends on the type of document you wish to create: stapled, plastic, metal or spiral bindings... COPYMAGE tells you more.

The saddle-stitched binding

Among the different binding methods, the stapled binding is the most classic. Also known as two-point metal binding, it is perfectly suited for a bound file of the type :

  • Newspapers, journals or magazines 
  • Printed advertising material
  • Brochures and booklets
  • The product catalogues

Two staple points on the inside of the document are used to bind the sheets inserted into each other. This technique allows the document to be the document to open properlywhen the document is laid flat, the printing of your content remains visible right down to the fold, which makes it easier to read. makes it easier to read and enhances visuals that overlap several pages.

Economical, delivered in 4 hours and very robustThe stapled bound folder is often chosen for its longevity! It is therefore ideal for printed material that is to be communicated widely and used many times.

The only constraint for this type of bound file is the number of pages, which must be a multiple of 4. Brochures should therefore contain between 8 and 40 pages maximum.

Plastic or metal binding

We generally prefer this type of binding for :

Close to the stapled binding in terms of impact, it will allow you to opening of your bound file, making it easier to read and take notes. It will also be suitable for the presentation of your cards, restaurant menus or easel calendars that stand upright.

In order to keep the cover page of the file visible and to protect it from stains, tears or moisture, COPYMAGE adds a transparent rhodoïd over the cover page. Economical, quick to use and strongit will preserve your documents for a long time and is therefore perfect for regular and long term use.

This binding is suitable for files with a very large number of pages, up to 600 pages, the exact quantity depending of course on the weight and therefore the thickness of the paper used.

COPYMAGE offers 2 types of spiral binding:

  • The plastic binder will have the advantage that it can be reopened to add additional additional or updated sheets. It is available in black, white, red or blue.
  • The metal binderis available in black, white, red, blue or silver.

Please note that we advise you to a safety margin on your documents on your documents because one of the edges of the sheet will be perforated to allow for binding.

The glued binding

Ideal forthesis or book printing or books, perfect binding is undeniably the premium solution. The printed pages are glued together on the edge with PUR glue to create a quality finish and to make them undetachable, even after numerous page flips. It is perfect for :

  • The brochures
  • Product or service catalogues
  • Paperbacks or self-published novels
  • The theses

If you want to give your book a professional, bound look, this is the solution for you. In addition, this binding technique will allow you to personalise the cover and edge of your thesis or book.

What options does COPYMAGE offer to personalise your bound file?

The print format

Our print formats (from A3 to A6) will fit your documents. Choose from :

  • A3 format (29.7×4.20 cm) for your advertising plans or leaflets, 
  • an A4 format (21×29,7cm) to publish your company magazine, 
  • A5 format (14,8x21cm) for your welcome booklet.

The weight of the paper

This is a crucial choice for a successful bound document. Its choice will have a direct impact on its thickness and its handling.

  • A weight of 80g/m2 will be ideal for limit the overall weight of the document with soft, thin inner pages, which will also make it easier to read. This is the classic and economical solution solution par excellence.
  • A between 100 and 135 g/m2 for the inside pages will be more suitable for suitable for high-end bound files which are likely to be handled frequently, such as product catalogues, company brochures, etc.
  • From thicker paper weights such as 170g or even or even 300g will make your covers very thick for a better better overall hold of your of your documents.


After printing and in order to embellish or protect your bound file, we can apply one or more several additional treatments. Many options are available to produce your documents.

Ideal to ennoble your bound folderFor a perfect finish to your bound file, we apply a thin layer of lamination to give it thickness and character. The type of lamination will have an impact on the look of your document:

  • A glossy lamination will give depth and impact with more vivid colours.
  • A matt lamination on the other hand, will give a more more elegant and prestigious look..
  • A peach skin lamination (soft touch) will have a pleasant feel: ideal for a restaurant menu.

The advantages of using COPYMAGE to print a bound file

Thanks to COPYMAGE, printing a bound file becomes quick and easy. No need to go anywhere:

  • You order online your brochures, catalogues or booklets with direct collection in our shop in Paris.
  • You save precious time with our express delivery service which guarantees a delivery time of 4 hours.

COPYMAGE offers a wide choice of paper and finishes to give your bound file a look that you can't afford to print in-house.

We also offer you peace of mind by focusing on quality at every stage of the production of your document:

  • You can ask us toedit a proof (to ensure that the pagination and the final rendering are in accordance with your requirements.
  • We check the content of all your the content of all your files to ensure compliance.
  • We can take care of DTP layout of your file

Frequently asked questions about the bound file

How to choose the most suitable binding? 

The different criteria for choosing a binding solution will depend mainly on :

  • The number of pages: For a document with many sheets (40 or more) we recommend a spiral binding which is more practical for turning the pages and laying the document flat, or a glued square back binding to ensure a "bookstore-like" finish.
  • The purpose of the use: For a document with an aesthetic or commercial purpose, a glued binding will give more prestige with a high-end finish. A real asset for attracting customers.
  • The longevity of the document: Is your document intended to be preserved? Stapled, spiral and glued bindings will guarantee its longevity by reinforcing its solidity.

Would you like advice on your bound file?

COPYMAGE attaches great importance to your satisfaction. Our advisors are available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:30 by telephone and in shop to listen to you and help you make your choices by proposing solutions. Do you already have a concrete idea of your project and would like to have an idea of the budget? Send us a request for a quote and we will reply within the hour.