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Thesis printing


In Products > Theses & Dissertations

Impress the jury with a book-bound thesis printout

The thesis is the final stage of a doctorate, the culmination of many years of study, intensive research and writing. With COPYMAGE, honour your work by choosing a thesis printing and a professional quality binding. A great way to impress the jury and keep your thesis for years to come.

The thesis is the final stage of a doctorate, the culmination of many years of study, intensive research and writing. With COPYMAGE, honour your work by choosing a thesis printing and a professional quality binding. A great way to impress the jury and keep your thesis for years to come.

  • Prestige and resistance glued square back binding
  • Laminating possible on the cover 
  • Personalization on the edge 
  • Up to 1600 pages

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The technical characteristics of printing your doctoral thesis

When ordering thesis printing, you can choose between two types of paper weights: 

  • The 80g paperpaper, commonly used via personal printers
  • The 90g paperpaper, which is slightly thicker, allows images and photos to be printed without the risk of pages curling

Your thesis, or dissertation, may contain between 40 and 1600 pagesand can be printed in colour or black and white. In order to obtain a professional result while controlling your budget, we advise you to choose colour printing for pages containing graphics, computer graphics or images, and print the rest in black and white.

The thesis is printed in in A4 format format with a French opening, i.e. in portrait format. You can decide to print a thesis only on the front of each sheet or opt for a double-sided printing which allows to obtain a thinner document.

COPYMAGE printing works to match your academic research!

Binding and cover options for printing a thesis online with COPYMAGE

As the printing of a thesis requires a large number of pages, we offer you the glued square back binding. The pages of your thesis are bound together at the edges in a wraparound cover using PUR glue. This high quality technique allows you to obtain a professional but also very solid, so that you can keep your so that you can keep your thesis for years and it can be consulted by other students if necessary.

The cover of your thesis as well as the edge are fully customisable. You can choose to have it printed on a white rigid paper of 350gpaper, sober and classic, or on a coloured paper of 240gcoloured paper, ideal for highlighting a visual, a card or a graphic. For printing your files, the colours available for coloured paper are ivory, blue, green and red.

For an even better result, we suggest you apply a finish to the cover of your thesis. Here is the different finishes available to you:

  • Glossy lamination, which makes the document look brighter and more vivid
  • Matt lamination, which offers a sober and modern look 
  • Soft-touch lamination, which combines a matte finish with a velvet feel

If you have any questions about your thesis printing, its price, the steps or if you wish to be advised in the choice of finishes, do not hesitate to contact our advisors by phone or email. We will be happy to assist you throughout the thesis printing process.

Why go through your professional printer COPYMAGE?

While it is technically feasible to print a thesis yourself using a personal printer, it can quickly become very expensive, not to mention time consuming. In addition, you will need to find a way to bind your thesis yourself, which can also be time consuming. 

Entrusting your thesis printing to a professional printer such as COPYMAGE will ensure a perfect print on quality perfect printing on quality paper and a clean and neat binding for a reasonable price. Thanks to the binding of theses in glued square back, for example, you will greatly facilitate the reading of the document by your examiners who will be able to consult it like a book.

In addition, going through a professional printer allows you to save timeThis is precious time that you can use to prepare your presentation. Thanks to the free verification of all files and the the proofreading optionoption, you can be sure of a result that is worthy of your personal investment.

You are not a doctoral student, so you are not looking for a thesis printing service, but rather want to print a dissertation ? We are there for you! And if you are looking for other brochures and folders and folders, we offer a wide range of other products such as printing of company reportsand notebooksand corporate magazines or even catalogues. You can opt for different types of binding depending on the documents you choose, such as the stapled brochure or the spiral binding.

Frequently asked questions about thesis printing

How can you ensure a professional presentation that impresses the jury?

Trust COPYMAGE for your thesis printing in Paris is an excellent way to obtain a high quality document that will highlight your work, all at a reasonable price. However, the layout must also be carefully designed to achieve the desired effect during your thesis defense.

On the cover, remember to your name, the name of your institutionand the name of your institution as well as the title of your thesis. If you have a tutor, you can also put their name on the cover. You can also put this information on the edge of your thesis if the number of pages allows it.

For the interior layout, it is essential to follow the guidelines set by your institution: font, size, spacing, etc. To save time, we recommend that you make these settings before you start writing your thesis or report. Remember that the use of title styles is required to create an automatic summary. While this may seem restrictive, failure to follow these rules could result in a loss of marks. 

Finally, we advise you not to forget the proofreading stage, which is certainly time-consuming, but essential to a professional result. essential for a professional result. Don't hesitate to ask your friends and family to proofread their thesis while they proofread yours, as an outside eye sometimes helps to detect more errors. If you wish, you can also call on the services of a professional proofreader.

Regarding the number of copies to be printed, it is essential to think about everything :

  • 1 copy will be kept by you 
  • 3 to 5 copies will be needed for the jury and your supervisor
  • Universities generally require 2 copies 

We also advise you to plan for the following print runs 5 to 10 additional copies for external use for external use, as well as 5 to 10 copies to be sent out with your applications or to enter competitions. Printing all these copies in one order will allow you to avoid paying delivery costs several times, but also to better anticipate the future.

How to prepare the file for the printing of a thesis in Paris with your printing house COPYMAGE?

In order to ensure that it can be printed in optimal conditions and that no element is displaced, we advise you to send us your files in PDF format. Indeed, with a PDF file, the chosen layout will not change.

Print on a budget: we recommend using colour printing when necessary, i.e. for printing pages with photos, images, a map or even a graphic. A title printed in colour is enough to trigger a colour page print, which is more expensive than printing in black and white. 

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