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Printing of customised A4 stapled brochures


In Products > Brochure & Folders

Present your products and your company with an A4 stapled brochure.

Perfect for internal and external communication, the customised A4 stapled brochure is a flexible, economical and easy-to-handle communication medium thanks to its central binding. COPYMAGE can print all your brochures from 4 to 40 pages, on high quality paper, for a high quality professional result.

Perfect for internal and external communication, the customised A4 stapled brochure is a flexible, economical and easy-to-handle communication medium thanks to its central binding. COPYMAGE can print all your brochures from 4 to 40 pages, on high quality paper, for a high quality professional result.

  • Time limit 4H
  • Binding: Stapled
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Wide choice of papers & formats
  • Optional lamination on cover
  • Economical solution for a professional look

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A versatile and easy-to-use medium

Magazines, product catalogues or in-house journals: the A4 stapled brochure is a versatile medium that lends itself perfectly to all these uses and many more.

This type of document, which can be from 4 to 40 pages long, is ideal for presenting a company or product range as it can contain a large amount of information, as well as images or illustrations such as graphics.

Useful for companies as well as associations or communities, the A4 stapled brochure can be used to present the programme of a festival, share the values of an organisation and its functioning, or list the different offers, packages and other activities proposed by an organisation.

Whether you are a multinational, a start-up, an SME or an association, you can entrust COPYMAGE with the printing of your A4 stapled brochure, but also of all the other bound documents you may need for your work: personalised notebooks, spiral files, university theses, company reports, etc.

The advantages of stapled brochures

Economical and practical, the A4 stapled brochure makes it easy to stand out from your competitors who may not have quality materials to present their products or company to their prospects. A good way to diversify your communication by not relying solely on a web strategy.

The A4 stapled brochure is also easy to leaf through and offers unparalleled reading comfort thanks to its format of double pages bound in the centre with metal staples. This method of binding means that printed visuals straddling two pages are not cut in half.

Do you need to urgently restock your brochures for an important meeting or an upcoming trade fair? Good news: the A4 stapled brochure, like many other materials offered by COPYMAGE, is compatible with the express option. This formula, which consists of processing your order as a priority, allows you to collect your materials only 4 hours after your order.

Options for embellishing your A4 stapled brochure

Entrusting the printing of your A4 stapled brochure to a professional printer like COPYMAGE allows you to benefit from numerous options designed to personalise and embellish your material. Don't hesitate to use them to make your material unique and to stand out from your competitors more easily!

Among these options, you can choose between two types of paper for the inside pages of your brochure:

  • 80g paper: light and economical, it is generally preferred for brochures intended to be sent by post at a lower cost,
  • 135g paper: thicker than the previous one, this paper is also more resistant and is therefore ideal for brochures that are often handled

Both of these high quality coated papers are available in matt or glossy versions, so you have the option of choosing a glossy paper that enhances images and colours, or a matt paper that offers a modern and particularly sophisticated look.

The cover of your A4 stapled brochure will be printed on a thicker 170g paper, which gives the brochure a better hold and a more premium look, as well as making it more comfortable to hold. When printed, this cover can be personalised with one of these finishes:

  • Laminating: applied to the entire cover of your stapled A4 brochure, laminating enhances and protects it. This option is available in a matt, glossy or soft-touch version: a lamination that combines a matt finish with a peach-skin feel for a pleasant leafing through.
  • Selective varnish: applied to a specific area of your visual such as an image, title, logo or text area, this option allows you to highlight an element by adding highlights(standard selective varnish) or relief(3D selective varnish).

Good to know: Does A4 format seem too big for your needs? Take a look at the other stapled brochures in A5, A6 or square (21 x 21 cm) format that we offer in our online shop.

Frequently asked questions about the A4 stapled brochure

Is it possible to print a brochure of more than 40 pages?

As mentioned above, the A4 stapled brochure can contain between 4 and 40 pages: you can choose the number of pages, but it must be a multiple of 4. Do you need more space to present your company or product range?

No problem: COPYMAGE also offers you the option of printing brochures in glued square back. This robust, high-quality binding technique allows you to add up to 400 pages and thus benefit from a larger personalisation area. If required, you can find more information on the catalogue printing page.

How do you create a successful and impactful brochure?

The A4 stapled brochure is a relatively large medium that gives you plenty of space: it's the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd by showcasing your company, your values, and the products or services you sell. Here are some tips to help you create the most impactful brochure possible:

  • Before creating the pages of your brochure, ask yourself the right questions about your target audience, your objectives and your budget: this will help you to prepare a brochure that meets your needs in every respect,
  • If your brochure has a large number of pages, consider adding a table of contents so that readers can easily find the information they are looking for,
  • The cover of your brochure is the first thing your customers and staff will see, it should convey a high quality image and make them want to leaf through the brochure,
  • Keep in mind that images and illustrations always speak louder than words, so don't hesitate to add graphics, infographics or photos to your brochure,
  • To make your brochure more lively, you can include testimonials from your staff or customer reviews: they will help you to convey a good image while making your brochure more dynamic,
  • Don't hesitate to use this paper to link to your web communication by indicating your social networks and your website via web addresses or QR codes, which are more interactive.

Not sure which brochure to order? With theproofing option, you can receive a copy that is identical in every respect to the brochures you are about to order: an ideal solution for comparing different covers, choosing one finish rather than another or checking that the layout corresponds to the result you want to obtain. For more information about this option, please visit our website or contact our customer service department

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