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Printing of personalised notepads


In Products > Stationery

Reinforce your visual identity with customised notepads

Used by professionals and individuals alike, notepads are very practical for noting down important information that you don't want to forget, or to put in a diary or planner afterwards, for example. Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can have personalised notepads printed in your company's colours to distribute to your employees or to offer to your prospects, partners or customers.

Used by professionals and individuals alike, notepads are very practical for noting down important information that you don't want to forget, or to put in a diary or planner afterwards, for example. Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can have personalised notepads printed in your company's colours to distribute to your employees or to offer to your prospects, partners or customers.

  • Express 4h
  • Sizes A4, A5, A6
  • 50 or 100 pages
  • Glued or spiral binding

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The different uses and advantages of the notebook

Also known as a notebook, a notepad is a small notebook whose pages are easily detachable , either by means of spirals or by a pre-cut system. It is generally used to take notes during a call or a meeting or to write a shopping list, but it can also be used to paint, draw or take an order in a restaurant for example.

By personalising the cover of your notebook with the options offered by COPYMAGE, you can make it a promotional item to hand out to your customers or add to welcome packs for your new employees, for example. Their practicality and compactness allow them to be carried around easily, allowing you to communicate implicitly with a large number of potential customers by making your employees ambassadors of your brand.

Notepads are one of the most important items that employees need in a company, just like diaries, notebooks or letterheads. Having customised notepads in your company's colours is therefore ideal for creating a strong and unique visual identity. In addition, it will give a good image of your company by highlighting your attention to detail and professionalism to your clients during business meetings.

Sizes and papers available when buying notepads

All of our notepads can be personalised on one or both sides, in colour or black and white. You can therefore create the visuals of your choice without restriction. As for the format, we offer you a choice of three possibilities:

  • A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm)
  • The A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm)
  • The A6 format (14.8 x 10.5 cm)

The notebooks are available in portrait or landscape format and can hold 50 or 100 pages. Notebooks for business use generally contain squared pages, but you can also choose blank pages if you wish.

The paper used for the inside pages of your notebook will be white paper with a weight of 80g or 100g depending on your preference. If you wish, you can also add other elements to your notebook such as :

  • A thick cover with a weight of 200g, which will protect the pages and give a better hold.
  • A thick white or black spine, also with a 200g weight, which will stiffen the pad and make writing easier.

The different binding options

When ordering customised notepads, you can choose between two types of binding: spiral binding or glue binding. In both cases, the pages can easily be detached to be archived with other documents or discarded once the information on them has been cleaned up. The glued binding, which allows for a cleaner and neater detachment, is available in black or white.

The spiral binding allows the user to open the notebook completely flat, which makes writing more comfortable. It also makes it easier to flip through the pages and does not close automatically. Spiral binders are available in black, white, red, blue and silver. With this wide range of colours, you canmatch the binding to the design of your notebook or to your corporate design.

Frequently asked questions about printing a notebook

How do you personalise a notebook with a company's image?

To ensure that your personalised notepads are easily identifiable and that your prospects make a direct link with your company, we advise you touse elements that are consistent with your graphic charter: colours, typography, logo, slogan, style, etc. If you are going to distribute them to clients or business partners, we recommend that you include your contact details on the back of the notepads to ensure that they can contact you quickly if necessary.

If you wish, you can also personalise the inside pages of your notepads by adding a watermarked visual over the entire page or adding a logo or slogan at the bottom of each page. Again, by using elements that are consistent with your corporate identity, you can ensure that your company is perfectly recognisable even on a sheet that has been detached from the pad.

How to prepare the file before printing?

At COPYMAGE, we have a team of professional advisors who systematically check each file sent for printing. However, checking certain points will ensure that the result meets your expectations. We therefore advise you to check that :

  • the file you send us is in PDFformat
  • the colorimetry is set to CMYK (not RGB)
  • the images used are free of rights or belong to you
  • the fonts are well vectorized
  • the cut lines and bleeds are present and do not detract from the visual

If you would like to have the same design on the cover and inside pages of your notebooks, you can send us a one-page file with the design you have chosen. If you would like a different design on the cover for the inside pages, you will need to send us a second file with the design you would like to appear on the inside of your notebook.

What to do if you hesitate when ordering?

You are about to place an order for a personalised notebook or any other medium, but you are not sure about the finish or the weight of the paper? No problem, that's why we offer you a proof option (Bon À Tirer). With this option, you can receive a notebook that corresponds point for point to the criteria you have selected, thus ensuring that it meets your expectations before going to print.

Our advisors are also available by phone, email and even in our print shop, located at 8 rue Saint-Roch in Paris, to answer all your questions and advise you on your order. Thanks to their skills and their proximity to the technical teams, they will be able to provide you with the best possible information regarding the feasibility of all your projects.

Why entrust your notepad printing to COPYMAGE?

All the products you use in the professional field have an impact on your company's reputation because they are a direct reflection of it. By choosing to trust a professional printing company like COPYMAGE to print a personalised notepad or flyers or kakemonos for example, you can be sure of an optimal result that will highlight your professionalism.

In addition, our large fleet of state-of-the-art machines enables us to offer you high definition printed communication media in record time. Indeed, you have the possibility to choose express printing when you order your notebook and pick up your order in Click & Collect only 4 hours later. Can't make it? No problem, we will send your order by courier if you are in the Ile de France, by post or via the services of a professional carrier depending on the volume of the order.

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