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Printed signage, interior or exterior, to attract all eyes. 

The term "signage" refers to all the communication media used to disseminate information at a distance. The signage media are essential to "signal" to passers-by the dates of the promotional operation that your company is organizing, to inform your customers about the direction of traffic in your store or to indicate to your prospects the contact information of your association.

At Copymage, we offer, in the "signage printing" category, a wide range of communication media, both for indoor and outdoor use, for one-time use as well as for long-term communication.

To guide you through the many signage printing options available to you, we organize them into four main product families:

  • Posters
  • Tarpaulins and banners
  • Roll-up and Kakemono
  • Rigid posters

All products in the signage range 

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Tarpaulin printing for indoor and outdoor use


The ideal support for your prize-giving events


Printing in standard A0 format


Printing in standard A0 format


Standard A2 size printing


Supplied with a carrying case
Optional: M1 (fireproof)


The lightest, most convenient POS material to take with you! 


Supplied with a carrying case
Optional: M1 (fireproof)


The ideal support to dress up all your exhibition stands


Lightweight, convenient to mount and economical to support


Ultra resistant and bright, the ideal medium to capture the attention of your customers



Advertising banner that is actually made up of tiny holes to let air and light through


Banner printing for indoor and outdoor use


XL Roll-up in giant format (200 x 300 cm) guarantees you a very high visibility


High definition printing in 4 hours
Photo or economic rendering


High Definitionprinting in A1 format in only 4 hours.



High quality A2 poster
4H printing option 


A3 high definition poster in 4 hours
From 1 copy.


High Definitionprinting in A4 format in only 4 hours.



Printing up to 25,000 copies
Decreasing rates based on quantity



Special sale poster: your asset to catch the eye of passers-by


Ideal for furnishing & decorating your trade show booth


High Definitionprinting and customised format in just 4 hours.



Professional quality printing in only 4 hours, from 1 copy



Advertising poster A4, A3, A2: mini format, maxi visibility



Indispensable for communicating in large format, both indoors and outdoors


Custom sign printing


Thickness 3mm or 5mm
Made to measure - Available in 4H


Ultra light, ideal for commercial presentations or decorative posters


Customised akilux construction sign


Ultra strong and light PVC Forex panel


Ultra light and strong, in 3 thicknesses: 3, 5 or 10 mm. 


Very light product - Matte printing
5mm or 10mm - Available in 4h


Custom sign printing


100% customised plate in brass, plexiglass, PVC or aluminium Dibond


Ideal poster for interior decoration


Custom cutting and high quality vinyl for impactful communication


HD quality photo poster in customised format 


You will find below a point on each of these categories of signs, their most frequent uses, the advantages of each support and the finishes at your disposal. You will be able to order from us signage materials that are perfectly adapted to your needs with complete peace of mind.

Rigid posters : to declare your identity in signage

Possible uses

Generally, when we imagine signage supports, we think first of rigid posters.

  • During the realization of works, the installation of a building site panel is a legal obligation. These are the most noticed signage supports.
  • Rigid posters are also frequently used by real estate agencies who wish to advertise the sale of a property by placing a sign on the railing or the entrance gate.
  • Among the rigid posters are also the professional plaques that allow you to indicate your contact information outside your office.
  • The advertising signs are also supports of signaling which make it possible to dress the frontage of your trade by indicating your name, your activity and by attracting the glances on your store.
  • Hanging on the outside walls of your neighborhood association, for example, the Forex panels will allow you to distribute information on the opening hours of its reception and the main activities offered.

Its many advantages

Rigid posters are, for the most part, highly resistant signage materials. PVC, Plexiglas and Forex are rot-proof materials that can be used outdoors without fear of deterioration due to the elements (rain, wind, UV, etc.).

In addition, they are very light signage supports, which makes them easy to hang almost anywhere.

Finally, these signage supports all come with options for hanging: mounting brackets, eyelets, screw slots, etc. They have all the attributes of an ideal signage support.

All finishes for a custom-made rigid poster

Rigid poster printing is an opportunity to choose from a variety of finishes.

  • The material: PVC, Alu Dibond, Foam or Forex, Plexiglas, but also brass for professional plates for example.
  • The size: if there are standards for some signage materials (a construction panel must not be smaller than 80 x 80 cm), they are all available in custom sizes. Do not hesitate to ask us about this point!
  • The shape: Forex panels can have right angles or rounded corners, real estate panels can unfold in a triangle, professional plates can be rectangular as well as square or even round if you wish.
  • The printing of your signage support on both sides is an interesting possibility for example for a promotional panel placed in your window and, thus, as visible from the inside as from the outside.

Posters: informative and decorative signage

Multiple uses

Posters are a category of signage that can be used by absolutely everyone and in many different situations. Here are a few examples of the possible uses of these signs:

  • Posters can be used to spread information within your company about the organization of a team building for employees.
  • They can also provide practical information, such as catering service schedules for employees or the list of documents to be provided to assert one's rights as a user of a public service.
  • With the help of a beautiful poster, you can inform your customers of an exceptional promotional offer or simply offer a quality decorative element to your sales area.
  • These signage materials provide information about the hours of operation or the rooms in which sports classes are held in a neighborhood association.
  • Posters are also the best way to publicize the date of the event you are organizing in your community.
  • Finally, posters can be used toorganize the circulation in a professional space, by indicating the distance to be respected between each user for example.

The advantages of posters

The main advantage of posters is their almost infinite adaptability, especially in terms of size. From this point of view, these signage materials are mainly ordered in :

  • A2 (42 x 59,4 cm), to put in a fitting room for example,
  • A1 (59.4 x 84 cm), to stick in the window of a library or a venue,
  • A0 (84,1 x 118,9 cm), to be installed outside on a billboard.

Beyond these standard sizes, these signs can be custom printed. Ask us for the size that will perfectly fit the support on which you wish to hang it!

All poster finishes

Once again, flexibility is the hallmark of this signage medium and a wide range of finishes are available at Copymage:

  • Paper weight. Choose a paper of 135 or 170 g for the printing of an advertising poster. Prefer a thicker and therefore more solid paper (240 g) to magnify a decorative poster.
  • 2 main types of paper: a satin finish which is perfectly suited for printing large format photographs or a matte finish which is more suitable for informative posters.
  • 3 types of finishing: lamination (matte or glossy) which makes your poster more rigid, lamination which protects your poster, giving it a longer lifespan and, finally, lamination on PVC, aluminum or foam ideal for signs intended for long-term use.

Don't forget, at Copymage, you can choose theexpress poster option in 4 hours which allows you to be very reactive in the printing of your signs.

Tarpaulins and banners: a robust and effective signage

The uses of tarpaulins and banners

Advertising tarpaulins and commercial banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • These signage supports allow, for example, to indicate your farm and the sale of your products to motorists passing on the nearby national road.
  • The printing of banners can alsoindicate the way to find your restaurant or your lodging located in a rural environment.
  • By deploying a large tarp on the fence of your parking lot, you will be able to inform passers-by in the industrial area of your commercial operation.
  • It is also thanks to this signage support that you will be able to widely disseminate practical information about the cultural event you are organizing in your region.
  • Tarpaulin printing is also useful for signage at a trade show.

The advantages of tarpaulins and banners

Tarpaulins and banners are above all particularly resistant signage supports:

  • to bad weather (rain, wind, sun)
  • fire (compliance with M1 fireproof standards)
  • to the wind (micro-perforated tarpaulins)
  • to tears

Many finishes

The most important finishing touches on these signage materials are those related to the hanging of your tarps and banners:

  • The sleeve finish is ideal for promotional banners that will be used primarily within a building. It involves doubling the canvas so that it is possible to pass the fastener of your choice through it. This finish allows you to easily stretch the canvas of your signage.
  • Grommets allow for both indoor and outdoor use of your advertising tarp. You are free to choose the spacing of the eyelets, but in a place exposed to the wind, we recommend eyelets closer together. This finish greatly facilitates the installation of your signage.

Roll-up and Kakemono: a light and professional signage

Some uses of Roll-ups

Roll-ups and Kakemonos are light and mobile signage supports, they are frequently used during professional events but not only:

  • The Roll-up is the ideal signage support to distinguish your stand during a trade show: it presents the main information about your company or your products in the blink of an eye.
  • The Kakemono can be hung in the lobby of your hotel to welcome your customers in a light and colorful way.
  • These signage supports, installed in the street, in front of the entrance of your store, will inform passers-by of your current offers, of the products you wish to highlight.
  • At the entrance of the building in which your practice is located, the Roll-up will allow you to simply indicate to your patients which floor to go to.

All the advantages of these signage supports

The main advantage of these signage supports is their transportability. Indeed, the Roll-up and Kakemono are very light, they can be easily carried on the shoulder in their transport bag. Moreover, it is possible to install them very simply either by hanging them on the wall or ceiling, or by unfolding the canvas to hang it on the mast provided for this purpose in the case of self-supporting Roll-up. They can be transported in the trunk of your professional vehicle until the next trade show. Finally, they can be stored in a dry place, such as a closet, without risk of deterioration.

Two essential finishes for Roll-up and Kakemono

Two finishes are offered before printing this signage medium:

  • The size of your Roll-up: Standard (85 x 200 cm), XL (150 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm) or XXL (200 x 300 cm).
  • The material of the tarpaulin: 500g tear-proof or M1 340g fireproof PVC tarpaulin ("fireproof" standard in compliance with the requirements imposed by trade show organizers) for Standard and XL sizes; M1 270g fireproof polyester tarpaulin for XXL sizes.

Two questions about signage printing

How to hang your signage?

Depending on the signage medium you choose, there are different options available to you.

-The professional plates will be fixed to the wall by a screw system.

- advertising tarpaulins are signage supports, which are best equipped with eyelets to attach them with hooks or ties.

- It is possible to ask for the addition of brackets on all panels to be installed indoors.

At Copymage, our professional expertise and knowledge of printing techniques will allow us to advise you on the best way to enhance your signage.

How to make a success of your signage design?

Because you will only have a few seconds to convince the motorist who will pass in front of your promotional banner or the potential patient who will stop in front of your professional plate, the design of your signage is a central point. Before you start printing your signage materials, make sure that :

  • All essential information is present on your signage.
  • Your message is striking and attention-grabbing through the use of strong language.
  • The identity of your business, your administrative service or your cultural place is immediately recognizable, especially through the play of colors.
  • The action you expect from your customers, prospects or users is clearly expressed: "come and visit our stand", "come and take advantage of exceptional sales", "turn right at the next traffic circle to find us", etc.