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A3 size printing


In Products > Printing

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A3 format printing of high definition posters


Posters, technical data sheets, plans, operating instructions: COPYMAGE can print all the documentsyou want in A3 format (297 x 420mm).
As wide as A4 but twice as long, the A3 print format is
often used for posters because it allows a large amount of information to be displayed and larger fonts to be used, which makes the text more visible when you are a few metres away from the poster.

Posters, technical data sheets, plans, operating instructions: COPYMAGE can print all the documentsyou want in A3 format (297 x 420mm).
As wide as A4 but twice as long, the A3 print format is
often used for posters because it allows a large amount of information to be displayed and larger fonts to be used, which makes the text more visible when you are a few metres away from the poster.

  • Time limit 4H
  • 16 papers to choose from
  • Laminating option
  • From 1 copy

Prices for your A3 prints

from Dès 1,18

Standard format printing: colour or black and white, single or double-sided, with a wide range of paper types and sizes: A5, A4 and A3. We offer free sorting and stapling.

Number of pages

IMPORTANT: Due to its format, this product requires special packaging and shipping to be delivered intact. The additional costs amount to 10€ HT (12€ TTC). 


100% Satisfaction: your satisfaction is our priority

Free verification of your files

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File type recommended : PDF
Accepted files : pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, eps

Different formats for printing at Copymage

Often used to print plans or informative posters, the A3 format is a good compromise between a document that is larger than the classic A4 print format and a larger poster (A1, A2) that will require more space to be displayed. For all your advertising needs, we also offer other formats such as A5 printing or scanning services.

Types of paper available for printing your A3 posters

To enable you to customise your A3 print, we offer 16 variations of the paper we use for printing. The differences are in the texture but also in the grammage, which is the measure used to define the thickness of the paper. For A3 flyer printing, the grammage is calculated according to the weight of a paper per square metre, the thicker and stiffer the paper the higher its weight, and therefore its grammage. As far as the type of paper available for A3 printing is concerned, we offer you :

  • White paper: classic paper, used for many printings
  • Coated paper: coated with a specific product, it allows for better colour reproduction
  • laid paper: fine horizontal lines visible in transparency give it an aged appearance
  • Textured paper: slightly grainy, it gives a prestigious appearance and is therefore often chosen for printing invitation cards

As forthe weight, you can choose between :

  • 80g, the classic paper used in personal printers
  • 100g
  • 135g, the standard paper used in printing
  • 170g, a semi-rigid paper
  • 300g, a thick, stiff paper with more lamination options

The different laminations for A3 printing

Add a modern, designer touch to your A3 print by choosing gloss, matt or soft-touch lamination or lamination with selective varnish or 3D selective varnish, ideal for highlighting specific design elements on your A3 advertising materials.

  • Glossy laminationallows photos to be highlighted by restoring the colours and elements present in the image as well as possible. It is the most commonly used lamination when printing flyers, for example.
  • Matt laminationwill, as the name suggests, give your design a matt finish. Often used to add a touch of prestige to an A3 print, matt lamination also adds a modern touch to A3 posters.
  • The soft-touch option also provides a matt finish to an A3 print, while adding a peach skin effect that makes the poster soft and pleasant to the touch. This lamination is ideal for printing a poster that will be passed from hand to hand, such as a product sheet.

Finally, laminating with selective varnish, available only with 300g paper, allows you to create a poster with a matt finish while adding shine to the areas you choose. Logo, important inscription, contact details: it's up to you to decide which elements you want tohighlight.

If you wish, you can ask for your poster to be laminated to ensure a longer life span. Be careful, however, that laminating an A3 print with anything other than a glossy coating will completely negate the effect of the latter.

Frequently asked questions about A3 printing

I am hesitating between several visuals, can you advise me?

Our teams are available by phone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6.30pm. If you wish, you can contact us to ask any questions you may have about the feasibility of your A3 printing project. However, if you are unsure of which design to choose, it is best to choose the proof option. The proof, or Bon À Tirer, allows you to receive a preview of the A3 print you wish to have printed by email. By requesting several proofs, you can more easily choose the poster design that suits you best.

Is there a minimum number of copies to be printed in order to place an order?

Most of the time, the A3 format is used to create flyers or posters that will be used as a map of the place or to be displayed in the window of a shop. Unlike flyers for example, these are not formats used for mass distribution. For this reason, we have chosen not to impose a minimum number of copies for an A3 print order. You can therefore order a single poster if that's what you need.

How do I prepare my file for A3 printing?

To ensure your complete satisfaction when you receive your A3 print order, we have set up a free verification system for each file before it goes to print. To ensure a fast print, you can make sure that your file is well prepared by checking certain points such as

  • Colour matching, which should be in CMYK and not RGB. If this is not the case, the printed colours may be different from the colours you see on your computer when you create the file.
  • the resolution of the image, which should be 300 dpi to ensure that it remains of good quality even if it has to be stretched or shrunk.
  • margins and bleeds, which must be 5mm and contain no essential elements that could be cut off during printing.

Can I send you a Word file?

As printing professionals for many years, we are able to print posters from different files, not just PDF documents. You can send us your documents for poster printing as a Word document, a PDF or even a Powerpoint. However, the PDF format is still the preferred format because it freezes the design and gives you the opportunity to set up the design elements properly.

Our teams will then print your posters quickly and in high quality. If you have any doubts about the size of the documents you can send us for A3 printing, don' t hesitate to contact our teams by telephone. Our advisors working in our printing plant and therefore alongside the technicians, will be able to give you a precise and immediate answer.

What are the delivery options?

COPYMAGE delivers your A3 posters anywhere in France in record time so that you can complete all your projects quickly. For delivery, you can choose between traditional shipping, Click & Collect or delivery by courier.

If you choose Click & Collect, you can collect your A3 print directly from our print shop located at 8 rue Saint-Roch in Paris. If you can't or don't want to come, a courier will deliver your posters wherever you are in Paris or in the Ile de France region, either to your premises or directly to a trade fair if necessary.

For urgent orders, please contact us or visit the "express printing" page to find out how we can print in just a few hours. It is also valid for all A3 documents. 

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