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Printing of thick business cards


In Products > Business cards

Luxurious and ultra-resistant rendering with thick business cards

Business cards are essential for all professionals because they allow you to quickly transmit your contact information to all your prospects. With COPYMAGE, you can personalise your card and stand out from the competition more easily thanks to thick business cards. An ideal format to make a lasting impression!

Business cards are essential for all professionals because they allow you to quickly transmit your contact information to all your prospects. With COPYMAGE, you can personalise your card and stand out from the competition more easily thanks to thick business cards. An ideal format to make a lasting impression!

  • 72 hours 
  • 480g or 750g paper
  • 4 colours to choose from for the slice
  • Ultra resistant & luxury effect 

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The particularities of the weight of your business card at your printing house COPYMAGE

Unlike the other business cards available on our site which are printed on thinner paper, the thick business cards are available printed on 480g paper paper or 750g paper. Both types of business card paper are thicker than a credit card.

For a prestigious result when printing your business card, we use off-white MultiLoft off-white paper, which is both soft and slightly textured.

Choosing thick business cards allows you to stand out from the competition thanks to a luxury effect effect and a a touch of originality. In addition, the weight of this business card makes it ultra-resistant and not to be damaged despite numerous manipulations.

The thickness of the paper on this business card also allows you to customise the edge of the card by adding a colour. A great way to showcase your attention to detail while ensuring that your business card to match your business card to your company's your company's corporate identity. Please note: this option is available with a 750g card only.

The formats and finishes available for the thick business card

Thick business cards are printed in in standard format (85 x 55 mm)which is the size of a credit card. You can choose to print only the front of your card or opt for double-sided printing which allows you to add more information to your card.

The colours available for to personalise the edge of the business card 750g business card are :

  • the blue
  • the black
  • the red one 
  • the white

These colours will allow you to add a luxurious touch to your cards and make it easier to stand out from your competitors. The result is a high quality business card !

The importance of paper thickness for a professional business card

A high quality business card is undoubtedly the most important of all communication aids to have when working in commerce, whatever the sector. 

At a seminar or trade fair, thick business cards will make you stand out easily because they look and feel different. During events where customers are in high demand and receive a large number of business cards, opting for a different format is a great way to make an impression. is a great way to make a lasting impression and make a difference.

Your business card is a direct reflection of your company, it is the element that your prospects will keep after your exchange. Choosing a thick, high-end business card will convey a luxurious and professional image that will undoubtedly be appreciated by your employees.

Strong and durable, these cards can also be used to to note down appointment dates if you choose not to print the back. Thanks to their long life, thick business cards can remain in your employees' wallets or on their desks for several months without becoming damaged or bent.

Compact and easy to distribute, thick business cards can be easily stored and allow your prospects to quickly find your contact details quickly find your contact details if they need them. Thick business cards can also be added to an order, slipped into a leaflet or attached to a magazine to ensure you your contact details are passed on to all your prospects.

COPYMAGE tip: Think of adding a colourful touch to your card by personalising its edge. A simple and effective detail to highlight your attention to detail and your sense of aesthetics.

Are you looking for other types of business cards to vary your communication media? Feel free to browse this section to discover our other available models: selective varnish business card or 3D selective varnish, folded, square... And if you are in a hurry, trust your printer COPYMAGE: ourexpress business card printing is there for you!

Frequently asked questions about thick business cards

How to create an attractive and original personalised business card?

Careful design of your business card is essential because it represents your company and also forges your reputation. With your choice of thick business cards, you wanted to highlight your originality and professionalism, so here are a few tips to help you go further. 

If you want to go further in terms of originality, you can choose to print your business card in portrait formatas opposed to the usual landscape format. Although this format is not suitable for all situations, especially when the company name is relatively long, it allows you to stand out from the competition even more easily and at no extra cost.

The back of your card is an area that can also be used to add a unique and modern touch to this communication tool. For example, you can print a QR code which will send your prospects directly to your website or to a video presentation of the company, for example.

To enhance the premium look of thick business cards, feel free to personalise the edge of the cards by matching the colour of the edge to the colours used in your graphic card. If there was no match, don't hesitate to opt for a black or white edge which will give your business card a polished look and highlight your professionalism.

How do you prepare a file before printing your high quality business card?

To ensure that your thick business cards are printed in the best possible conditions, we recommend that you use images with a resolution of at least 300 dpi at least. This high resolution will ensure that the quality of the images is not affected if they have to be enlarged or shrunk for printing.

The presence of and 5mm bleeds will ensure a perfect cut after The presence of 5mm bleeds will ensure a perfect cut after printing your cards. For more security, we advise you to add a margin of 3mm margin around the edge of your card, in which no essential elements (text, images, etc.) should be included.

Finally, before printing your business cards, remember to check that the colourimetry of your file is in CMYK format and that your document is in PDF format. The PDF format format is important because it allows the elements to be sealed and therefore prevents them from being moved during printing.

Any doubts about a technical aspect of your file? Don't worry, we systematically We systematically check each file free of charge before printing. If necessary, you can also contact our advisors by telephone or email.

Why ask for a proof of concept?

Are you hesitating between different colours for the edge of your card? Are you wondering which business card weight best suits your needs? No problem, the option BAT option available on many COPYMAGE products is made for that.

By selecting this option, you will receive a card that is identical in every respect to the thick business cards you receive when you finalise your order. By ordering several proofs, you can compare the cards with your own eyes and have them in hand to make a choice more quickly and ensure a result that meets your expectations. The ideal way to make sure you get a top quality business card!

Once you have found the ideal parameters for the creation of your thick business cards, all you have to do is send us your approval form by return e-mail. We will then print your order and send out your cards as quickly as possible.

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