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Professional plate printing


In Products > Rigid supports

Print a professional engraved plaque 100% personalized

Have you just moved into new premises or do you simply want to replace your business sign? Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can print a 100% personalised plate on different materials that are perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor display, such as Plexiglas, PVC Forex, aluminium Dibond or brass. An ideal way to easily guide your customers to you.

Have you just moved into new premises or do you simply want to replace your business sign? Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can print a 100% personalised plate on different materials that are perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor display, such as Plexiglas, PVC Forex, aluminium Dibond or brass. An ideal way to easily guide your customers to you.

  • 3 formats to choose from
  • Plexiglas, brass, dibond or forex support
  • Spacers included
  • Four-colour printing

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The various uses of professional plates

Used by professionalssuch as nurses, lawyers, dentists and notaries, engraved professional signs are extremely useful because they allow the professional to be more visible, whether in the street or in a building with several specialists.

By adding a professional sign with your name and profession to the building you work in, you not only make it easier for your customers to find you, but also for passers-by to know that a professional is available near them. The advantage? No doubt they will think of you the next time they need legal advice or a medical appointment.

Practical and resistant, the professional plaque can also be used by local authorities or associations wishing to communicate their opening hours or a historical fact relating to the place on which the plaque is present, for example. The professional plaque then becomes a commemorative plaque that can remain outdoors for years without being damaged.

Good to know: it is strictly forbidden to advertise a doctor's or lawyer's practice in particular, the professional plate is the only implicitly advertising medium that you are allowed to use, which is all the more reason not to deprive yourself of it!

A stand for both indoor and outdoor use

If you work in an isolated location or, on the contrary, in a building with several professionals (such as a medical centre, for example), placing a professional sign outside is essential and will prevent you from having to endure the delays of your clients who had to search for several minutes before finding your practice. Fixed on a façade, your sign will be perfectly resistant to UV and corrosion for at least ten years.

However, this is not the only possible use of the business sign. It can also be used in the lobby of a building or at the reception of abuilding to assure visitors that they are in the right place, and possibly to show them which floor to go to in order to find you.

Also used for information purposes, the business sign can be used to tell visitors to knock or ring before entering, or to mark out an area reserved for staff for example. Moreover, to enable you to display your business sign indoors while complying with fire safety standards, we provide you with M1 and M2 fireproof products .

The different media available for printing professional plates

In order to provide each professional with a nameplate that corresponds to his or her needs and style, we have chosen to provide you with three different media for the printing of professional nameplates:

  • Plexiglas: modern and elegant, this material allows you to play on transparency to obtain a sober and classy result. Available at a lower cost, this type of plate offers a result very close to that of glass, while being much more solid. It is a material that is also perfectly resistant to UV. Completely customisable, your professional Plexiglas plate can be transparent or have a gold or silver background, and be embellished with white or black engraving on the back for a perfectly smooth finish. You can also choose four-colour printing with white support (white background on the entire surface) or selective white (only on certain areas of the graphic design).
  • PVC forex orAlu dibond: rigid, opaque and extremely light, Alu dibond or PVC forex are widely used in the creation of communication supports because they are materials that are perfectly resistant to weather changes and are very easy to fix. Thus, your professional plate in forex or dibond can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Brass: this is undoubtedly the most premium material used for the creation of professional plaques. Its bright copper look allows the plate to be noticed from afar, but also to convey a very professional image . Although they require regular maintenance, these plaques are often used by doctors, lawyers and notaries.

As you will have understood, the life span is the same for these three supports, which can all be installed on a facade or in the lobby of a building, so your choice should be based on the aesthetic appearance of each material.

Available formats for professional plates

The professional plates are available in 3 different formats:

  • 20 x 15 cm
  • 30 x 20 cm
  • 40 x 30 cm

If none of these formats suits you, do not hesitate to choose the customised option in order to choose the dimensions and shape (square or rectangular) of your plaque yourself. You should also know that we canmake 4 holes in the corners of your plaque to accommodate the spacers supplied with your plaque. For more customisation, you can even choose the colour of the spacers! The colours available are gold, silver or chrome.

Frequently asked questions about printing business signs

How do you create a perfectly legible business sign?

Beyond the decorative aspect, the plaque has above all an informative role, so it is essential to make sure that it is perfectly readable, even by someone who is a few metres away from it. For this reason, we advise you not to overload the plate with information and to concentrate on the essential information:

  • Name and sur name of the professional
  • Profession and specialisation
  • Attendancetimes
  • Telephonenumber

However, if you wish to display more information, such as the floor or corridor where your office is located, you can opt for a smaller supplementary plaque to be placed below the main plaque.

On this second plate, you can also display your opening hours or information for visitors, such as permission to enter without knocking. Although this plate should not be used for advertising purposes, it can still contain your logo to indicate your presence in the building.

To ensure that all this information is clear, we advise you to choose a relatively simple and sober font, and to use the support or the colour of the spacers to personalise the plate. Don't forget to include your contact details in Braille, which has been compulsory since 2015 to facilitate accessibility for visually impaired people.

How to prepare the file for printing?

In order to ensure that your plaque meets your expectations, we ask that you :

  • Send us your file in 100% black format
  • To convert your file to PDF format before sending it to us
  • Check that thefont you have selected is at least 0.5 mmthick so that it is perfectly legible when added to your plate.

Do you have a doubt or a question? Don't hesitate to contact our advisors by phone or email, they will be happy to guide you. They will also systematically check all the files you send for printing, free of charge, to ensure that the result meets your expectations. 

Where to put your business nameplate so that it can be seen by everyone?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing the layout of your place of work, but try to bear in mind that this sign will make it easier for customers who are visiting you for the first time to find you, so it should be placed in a place where everyone can see it.

Generally, outdoor signs are hung on the front of buildings, near the entrance door, although it may be appropriate to place one at the entrance to a car park shared by several professionals, for example. Indoor signs are often hung in the entrance halls or in the lifts .

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