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Express sticker printing

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Original and economical, the sticker is a medium increasingly used by companies but also by many associations or event organisers who wish to offer or sell goodies in their image. Thanks to the express sticker printing formula offered by COPYMAGE, you can print a large number of personalised stickers in just 4 hours.


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In Products > Stickers & Labels

Express sticker printing

17 503

Original and economical, the sticker is a medium increasingly used by companies but also by many associations or event organisers who wish to offer or sell goodies in their image. Thanks to the express sticker printing formula offered by COPYMAGE, you can print a large number of personalised stickers in just 4 hours.


  • Express delivery 4H
  • Cutting to the shape of your visual
  • Tough and waterproof
  • Matt, glossy or transparent vinyl
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Select a quantity (from the same visual)
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Must be a multiple of 10

100% Satisfaction: your satisfaction is our priority

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You can add your files later from your basket, your personal space, or send them by email.

Precise cutting to the shape of your visual

Send us your photo, logo, drawing etc. and we will create a vinyl sticker to the exact dimensions you require. 

Tough and waterproof

Our stickers are made on an ultra-resistant vinyl that protects them from rain and sun.


Free delivery in 4 days

We produce your stickers within 4 days and delivery is free. For a faster delivery time, please contact us. 

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Opportunities to use personalised stickers

In a world where competition is increasingly tough, and this in all sectors, it is essential to know how to differentiate yourself and to highlight your professionalism. Thanks to customised stickers, you can personalise your products, packaging or mailings at a lower cost.

Often used by start-ups, personalised stickers also make very good communication media because they are original and less traditional than others, offering more possibilities. Indeed, unlike a flyer for example, a personalised sticker is meant to be kept by the person who owns it, so you can be more creative or create humorous designs related to your business.

At events such as shows, concerts or even seminars, the stickers can be offered for sale as a souvenir or distributed free of charge to participants. Thus, by sticking the stickers with the image of your event on their computer or their diary, the participants become real ambassadors and communicate for you in an implicit way.

Finally, personalised stickers in your company colours are perfect gifts to give to newcomers to the company, in a welcome kit for example, highlighting your concern for the welcome. It's a great way to show them how important you are to them and to make them feel part of the team from the very first day.

Good reasons to choose the COPYMAGE express sticker

Very fashionable for a few years, especially thanks to social networks and SMS in which we use a lot of emoticons, stickers are original but also inexpensive, so they are perfectly suited to companies with a small budget who still want to communicate or label their products with custom stickers.

To ensure that every organisation can print the number of stickers it needs, we have chosen to offer you a minimum of 50 copies for express sticker printing. So whether you want to promote a small quantity of products or print a first series of stickers to test their attractiveness, you're bound to find something to suit you.

Finally, the express sticker printing option, which is very popular with our customers, allows you to restock your stickers even at the last minute. Have you sold out faster than expected? An event is coming up unexpectedly and you have no more customised stickers in stock? The express sticker formula is made for you: four hours later, your order is ready to be picked up!

The various printing options for your express stickers

The advantage of the personalised express sticker is that it can take any shape you like: square, rectangle, round, triangle, etc. So you can choose to give it a more atypical shape in relation to your organisation: a burger, a guitar or a football for example. It is therefore an ideal support to make you stand out from the competition. In addition, it will inevitably make those who have one want to keep it and stick it in the place of their choice.

As far as size is concerned, we offer you a choice of 4 sizes:

  • 50 x 50 mm
  • 75 x 75 mm
  • 100 x 100 mm
  • 125 x 125 mm

If none of these formats are suitable for your project, you can also order a customised express sticker in the dimensions of your choice.

Each express sticker is printed on 80g adhesive vinyl. This durable and waterproof vinyl allows you to stick your stickers indoors and outdoors without them coming off due to rain or moisture. So that you can personalise your express sticker even more, we offer you a choice of three types of vinyl:

  • glossy vinyl, which highlights the colours
  • matt vinyl, which offers a more modern look
  • transparent vinyl, which only shows your visual while leaving a glimpse of the surface on which it is stuck

If you have a little more time before the implementation of your communication campaign, you can also opt for a classic sticker, apart from the express formula, on which you can apply a lamination to make it more attractive and durable. Discover our range of stickers and labels, ideal for promoting your brand!

Frequently asked questions about customised stickers

How do you create an attractive express sticker?

The purpose of your sticker is not necessarily to transmit information but rather to highlight your brand image. For this reason, we advise you to choose a simple visual that allows your company to be recognised at a glance.

You can use your logo but also other elements of your graphic charter such as colours or fonts. You can also highlight your flagship product, if you are the only company to offer it.

For associations or sports clubs, using the logo is most interesting as members will want to highlight their membership of your group, so they will want to choose a highly recognisable sticker.

How do I pick up an express order?

Once your order has been validated by our advisors, we will send it directly to our technical teams who will prioritise your printing so that it is available in less than four hours. You can then collect your personalised stickers directly from our print shop located at 8 rue Saint-Roch in Paris, or choose to have them delivered by courier to the location of your choice in the Paris region.

If you are located in another region of France, your order will be shipped directly after printing so that it can be delivered to you by post or by an approved carrier the next day.

How to prepare the file for printing?

To ensure your complete satisfaction, our teams systematically check each file we receive for express sticker printing orders. This way, if there are any problems, we can contact you quickly to find an appropriate solution. However, checking certain parameters before sending us your visual will save you time.

Here are some tips:

  • To ensure that no elements are displaced during printing, we ask you to send us your document in PDF format and to vectorise the fonts
  • If you want a custom cut, your visual must include a 5th layer called "cut", in 100% black or magenta, as well as a 0.2 point line.
  • If you choose a transparent sticker but want to show white or make the colours opaque, your design should include a "supporting white" layer that tells us where to apply white before the colour

If you have any doubts or questions about your express sticker printing project, please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone or email: we will be happy to guide you through your order.

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