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In Products > Tarpaulins & Banners

Why neglect a visual communication medium as imposing as the advertising banner? Entrusting your tarpaulin printing project to Copymage means you can be sure of a job well done, carried out to your specifications!

Why neglect a visual communication medium as imposing as the advertising banner? Entrusting your tarpaulin printing project to Copymage means you can be sure of a job well done, carried out to your specifications!

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Why choose a banner as a communication medium?

Ahigh-quality printed banner with your company's logo reaches a wider audience. No need for individual distributions: by displaying your advertising messages in a large format, your future customers will notice you.

Whether it's for outdoor use or a trade show exhibit, having a printed advertising tarpaulin gives an impression of expertise and professionalism. You can have all the information printed that your future customers need to know that they can trust you.

No matter how big or small, your communication materials say a lot about your company. Select a format, finish and fabric quality that matches your principles. Having a printed banner sets you apart from the rest of your competitors, and humanises your brand in the eyes of your future customers.

Cut to the shape of your banner

The format and size of your banner is one of the first things to determine. In order to create an advertising message that really reflects you, the shape must be adapted to your needs.


For a trade fair, a front-of-house exhibition or even outdoors, banners are ideal. Opt for a predetermined size, and give your future customers confidence: a format they know is a format they appreciate!

But if you want to stand out from the competition and arouse the curiosity of your future customers, do not hesitate to adapt the size of your banner to the circumstances of its use. Ask for a custom printed tarpaulin: large format or small format printing, everything is possible!

The banners

In the size and shape you want, the customised flag banners are ideal for trade shows! Thanks to the support foot with which they are supplied, you can place them in a strategic location, as you wish.

Whether outdoors or indoors, the asymmetrical shape of the banners attracts the attention of your future customers. The canvas of these visuals is not stretched, so if you wish to place it in front of your shop outdoors, the wind will gently wave it around and stimulate the interest of passers-by. Original and pure!

The kakemonos

For a successful advertising campaign, opt for the simplicity of kakemonos! Full-length, it allows you to quickly give information to your future customers, and to catch their eye in the blink of an eye. Choose the size and colours you want, and create a kakemono adapted to your company's image, and totally personalised!

From small to large, in sober or bright colours, with a discreet or highly visible logo, kakemonos allow you to have a transportable visual identity, which will make an impression on your future customers. Perfect for trade shows, offer yourself a qualitative kakemono with your image!


When designing a customised tensioned banner, you need to consider the circumstances in which it will be displayed. The choice of fabric for your banner is of crucial importance.


Often referred to as full tarpaulins, or classic tarpaulins, PVC banners are the most common material for outdoor advertising. PVC is the ideal material for all circumstances: it is water-repellent, resistant to light weather and ensures a quality and durable street marketing. Excellent value for money, PVC tarpaulin is almost impossible to tear.

The weight of PVC tarpaulins can range from 400 grams to 900 grams depending on whether you want to place your printed banners outdoors or in a windproof location.

Perfect for large areas, they are easy to stretch and therefore very stable. With a PVC tarpaulin on display on a building facade, you'll make an impression!

The M1 fire resistanttarpaulin

Don't go unnoticed at trade fairs, and go for a large format fireproof advertising sign! Entirely fireproof, it complies with the European regulations imposed during professional meetings.

Suitable for large format digital printing or a more standard size, an M1 advertising sign with your company's image will stimulate the interest of your future customers. Place it high up in front of your stand, and attract all eyes! You can also place this promotional communication tool outside without any fear: it is adapted to light weather conditions, and ensures you an imposing and long-lasting advertising coup!

The PVC-free advertising banner

If you want to convey a luxurious yet serious image, PVC-free tarpaulin is the best option. Thanks to its special composition, it does not have the same plastic effect as other materials.

The effect is more canvas-like: the elegance and lightness of the fabric itself, and all this with easy high definition printing. With PVC-free advertising materials, your future customers will see you as an approachable and thorough company they can trust.

A large-format exhibition at a trade fair will undoubtedly help you stand out from your competitors: your advertising banners will be of much higher quality than others. You'll have plenty of interested customers!

Mesh or micro-perforated tarpaulin

Mesh banners are the perfect material for large format outdoor advertising. Micro-perforated, their grid-like structure allows them to catch the wind as little as possible, thus reducing the risk of tearing.

Its weight of approximately 280 grams makes it a micro-perforated tarpaulin, very light, easy to install and ideal for stretching. Very resistant to the weather, the Mesh tarpaulin also allows for impeccable print quality on both sides, which makes a lasting impression on all passers-by. Vivid, sharp and precise colours make you a sure thing!

The Backlightbanner

Do you want to advertise outdoors and be visible day and night? The Backlight tarpaulin is the perfect compromise! Its weight of less than 700 grams ensures a comfortable resistance, without making it difficult to install. Flexible and soft, it resists tearing.

The special feature of the Backlight tarpaulin is that it is semi-opaque, which allows light to pass through. Perfect for use against scaffolding or illuminated billboards, it makes you visible in all circumstances!

Finishing touches

The finish of your banner is the last thing you need to select before printing your advertising message. It's all about determining what type of hanging you want, depending on the nature of the display you are planning.

Raw cut tarpaulins

For a temporary advertising coup, you may prefer a rough-cut banner. For a simple indoor time-limited installation, it is the finish that best suits your needs. And the best value for money you can get!

Without eyelets, sleeves or hems, it is a simple tarpaulin with slight bleed-through edges to give you a better installation.

The sheaths

For indoor promotional banners, there is nothing like the sleeve finish! The lined fabric allows you to attach a tie of the strength of your choice: adaptable to the circumstances!

The great advantage of a sleeve finish is that it allows you to stretch the fabric as much as you like, but also to hang it wherever you like. The sleeve finish is very easy to make and does not add any weight to your banner, allowing you to install it without any difficulty. Easy and effective!


If you are not sure how to use your banner, it is best to use eyelets! For indoor and outdoor use, eyelets are the most durable and adaptable finish.

Depending on the circumstances of your exhibition, you can choose the frequency of the perforations in your banner. If you need it for an outdoor exhibition, printers recommend closer together eyelets to offer greater resistance to wind and weather.

In addition to their ability to be customised, the main advantage of eyelets is their practicality: they make it much easier to install and tension the tarpaulin.

Ensure that your banner is printed to the highest quality by turning to a professional printing company

For over 25 years,Copymage and its family team have been making your marketing projects a reality. Printing a banner is not something to be taken lightly, and Copymage's graphic designers understand this!

Whether you have a clear idea of the image you want to project or you're still hesitating, the professional team at Copymage will guide you step by step! In the shop, online or by phone, they will show you all the printing options and adapt to your wishes.

No matter what size, shape or colour you want your advertising banner to be, Copymage's state-of-the-art machinery can make all your projects come true! The graphic design experts are trained to guide you in your choices and to meet all your expectations.

If you have imagined it, Copymage can make it happen!

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