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Photo poster printing


In Products > Posters

Opt for a custom-made photo poster and personalise your premises

The photo poster is a great way to decorate your space. Easy to hang, photo posters can be installed on any flat surface such as in an office, shop or waiting room. They create a special atmosphere and help to personalise and beautify a room, as well as being an excellent decorative element. Inspire and entertain your friends, guests or customers with our customised photo poster prints and enjoy the high quality of the results.


The photo poster is a great way to decorate your space. Easy to hang, photo posters can be installed on any flat surface such as in an office, shop or waiting room. They create a special atmosphere and help to personalise and beautify a room, as well as being an excellent decorative element. Inspire and entertain your friends, guests or customers with our customised photo poster prints and enjoy the high quality of the results.


  • From 1 copy
  • A0, A1, A2 or custom size
  • High definition printing on photo quality paper
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Resplendent colours (12-colour printing)

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Customise your photo poster print with COPYMAGE

The photo poster is an excellent decorative medium that is widely used by professionals to decorate offices. On our site, a wide range of options allows you to obtain 100% personalised poster prints, adapted to your desires and the decorative style of your interior. For individuals, this type of support allows you to decorate a room by printing your own photos in professional quality, while benefiting from COPYMAGE's help and advice concerning the layout, the image format, etc.

The format of your poster prints

In order to allow all professionals who wish to create and print a photo poster that corresponds exactly to their needs, we offer several formats:

  • The poster in A0 format (118.9 x 84.1 cm)
  • The poster in A1 format (84.1 x 59.4 cm)
  • The poster in A2 format (59.4 x 42 cm)

However, if none of the standard formats suit you, we can print your photo poster in a customised format. In other words, COPYMAGE allows you to print small formats of personalised signs or to print large format posters without restriction, in portrait or landscape format.

For more originality, you can also create a unique, personalised atmosphere by combining posters of different sizes and placing them next to each other. By using different visuals but keeping the same graphic and colour scheme, you can create a unity between the different posters and show more elements without overloading a single poster.

By printing several photo posters of different sizes, you can make this personalised wall hanging take up a lot of space and give your room a trendy, modern look, while keeping your costs down compared to printing a single XXL personalised poster.

Choice of paper weight for poster printing

The choice of paper on which your photo poster is printed is very important as it will have a direct impact on the final result. For example, a glossy paper will enhance colourful and vivid images , while a satin paper willavoid reflections. A matte surface willbring more depth and density to your images.

Here are your choices for the different weights:

  • 170g matte paper
  • 190g satin or glossy paper
  • 240g satin or glossy paper

The finishing touches to your custom poster and sign printing

Finally, personalise the finishes using different processes:

  • Laminating: to stiffen and protect your poster, or simply to embellish it, you can opt for laminating. You can choose between :
  • The " matte " option will give more depth to your images and add an elegant touch to your graphics.
  • The " glossy " option, which will give a brighter result. This option is very much used in photography, particularly to highlight contrasts and colours.
  • Laminating: whether on foam, aluminium dibond or PVC Forex, this process is ideal for indoor decorative posters because it will give your poster rigidity and volume, which will allow it to stay in place more easily and be fixed to the wall as is, without having to have it framed.
  • Laminating: You can also laminate your poster. This technique will protect your photo poster against UV rays from the sun, humidity, impacts, shocks, scratches or folds. Note that a double-sided lamination will protect your poster against damage for a long time. You have two options:
  • Choosing welded edges is the most waterproof solution. The laminating sheets will protrude from the poster and be welded together, making the poster waterproof even on the edge. However, the result is less aesthetically pleasing as the lamination will protrude from the visual.
  • Choosing sharp edges will protect from water except on the edge because the laminating sheets will stop at the same place as the poster. This technique gives a more aesthetic result.

The advantages of using COPYMAGE to print a poster

Whether you are a restaurant owner, a professional or a communications agency, your premises are a reflection of your image and need to be tastefully dressed. Do you prefer black and white portraits, photos of food or landscapes? Or would you rather display your graphic creations for your customers to see? By entrusting your printing to a professional printer like COPYMAGE, you benefit from a wide choice of paper and finishes to print high quality posters that match your image.

Printing posters with COPYMAGE will save you time with a simple and remote service, without ever sacrificing the quality of the printed files. Your poster prints are produced on special photo quality EPSON plotters for formats up to A0. Orders can be placed directly online, and for urgent orders, our express delivery service guarantees a 4-hour print time. You can also collect your poster with click and collect.

COPYMAGE places great importance on the quality of its service at all stages from the creation of your document to the printing of your posters, which is why our advisors systematically check all the files that are sent for printing, free of charge. You can also decide to print only after checking a proof to make sure that the result is up to your expectations.

For the printing of your photo posters, COPYMAGE adapts to all situations by managing prints from 1 copy: practical for small orders! Also note that depending on the volume printed, you can opt for amalgam printing and increase the number of copies, thus benefiting from a sliding scale of charges!

Please feel free to discover the other products in our section dedicated to large-format poster printing or posters: you can order different formats of advertising posters or print architectural plans.

Frequently asked questions about the photo poster

How do you create a poster that looks like you?

You can of course choose to print posters from royalty-free images if you wish, but another interesting option is to use images that you own: why not photograph your employees or your next professional event? This way you can decorate your premises showing your company's values while promoting your employees and partners.

How can we ensure perfect consistency between the support and the piece?

Before decorating your walls, ask yourself a few questions. What will the room be used for and what atmosphere should it give off? Is it professional and serious or more zen and refreshing? Do your customers come to you to be taken care of or to negotiate? What is the culture of your company?

Asking yourself the right questions will help you refine your choices and find the right visual to print to ensure you get the right message across to your visitors.

How to make a poster from a photo?

Nowadays, photos taken with a smartphone are very high quality, but they are not always high enough to be printed in large format. To make a poster from a photo taken with your smartphone, it will be necessary to use an editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp toenlarge your photo without losing quality. Some websites offer this functionality directly online, such as

If you don't have a photo to print, you can use one purchased from an image bank such as Shutterstock or Getty Images. Although most of these photos are not free, they are ideal for decorating a professional space as they are extremely varied and cover many themes.

How do I prepare my poster file?

To ensure that your poster is printed in the best possible way, carefully prepare your file with the following elements:

  • Leave 5 mm bleed and 2 mm technical margin
  • Provide visuals in high resolution 300 dpi, and 150 dpi beyond a 50×70 format as the images will be seen from further away. The images must also be free of copyright or owned by you.
  • Remember to check that the colours are in CMYK format and not RGB, which is a web-only format.
  • Ideally, your fonts should be vectorised.
  • In order to prevent one or more elements from shifting during printing, please send us your file in PDF format.
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