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100% personalised desk pad printing


In Products > Stationery

Print personalised desk pads: the useful gift for everyone!

Placed on a personal or professional desk, a personalised desk pad helps you to be better organised and to note down important appointments or information. With COPYMAGE, you canprint unique desk pads in your company's colours, complete with a calendar or dedicated note-taking areas.

Placed on a personal or professional desk, a personalised desk pad helps you to be better organised and to note down important appointments or information. With COPYMAGE, you canprint unique desk pads in your company's colours, complete with a calendar or dedicated note-taking areas.

  • A3 size
  • 25 or 50 sheets
  • Calendar option
  • Head or foot gluing

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Good reasons to have a desk pad printed

The desk pad is a must-have in professional life: it allows you to decorate your desk while always having at hand a support to write down important information shared during a call or during a video meeting. Often placed under the keyboard, it does not take up any space and can replace a notebook thanks to the different sheets.

Practical, the desk pad can represent anything you want: a monthly or annual calendar, areas dedicated to note-taking or text areas highlighting the company's values, etc. Similarly, a desk pad can contain an insert listing the contact details of the company's main departments (telephone number, address, SIRET number, etc.) so that company employees can give this information quickly to their contacts when they call.

While there are standard, neutral designs on the market, printing a customised desk pad in your company's colours will not only allow you to choose the elements you wish to include , but also ensure that it matches the other stationery your employees use to create a strong visual identity. While it may not seem like a big deal, using corporate stationery is a great way to reinforce employees' sense of belonging and their connection to the company.

With this product, you can create a welcome kit to give to all your new employees to welcome them and remind them of the company's values. Together with other elements such as stickers, letterheads or notepads, this gift will undoubtedly make your new employees feel welcome.

Our tip: don't hesitate to offer desk pads to your customers or business partners so that they can easily take notes while they work and at the same time promote your brand! They will become ambassadors for your company and advertise you without even realising it.

The characteristics of these advertising mats

Each personalised desk pad can hold a choice of 25 or 50 pages , allowing you to ensure that your employees can use one page per week or so of the year if you wish. Once printed, the sheets will then be bound with glue so that they can be easily removed once the week is over or the page is full. The binding can be positioned on the top of the desk pad, on the bottom, on the left or on the right.

Each model is printed in A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm), which makes it perfectly suited to the size of a standard desk. The sheets, printed on white paper with a weight of 80 g, are writable, which means that you can write whatever you want on them without difficulty, with a felt-tip pen, a pencil or a biro.

In order to make the desk pad more rigid and therefore more pleasant to use, it is equipped with a grey cardboard spine, whether you choose the 25-page or the 50-page model. This cardboard spine is ideal because it will serve as a writing surface until the last sheet is written on and will prevent the sheets from slipping, especially on glass or varnished desks. It will also provide better protection for your desk.

If you wish, you can choose the calendar option. In this case, the sheets of your support will be composed of a large weekly or monthly calendar, depending on your preference. Your employees will be able to note down all their professional and personal appointments to ensure that they never miss any important events!

Frequently asked questions about desk pad printing

How do you design a practical and useful model?

If the desk pad is made to write down all sorts of information that are not necessarily related to each other, creating an intelligent design will allow your employees to be better organised. To do this, you can create a visual that has different areas for different uses: appointment scheduling, to-do lists, urgent messages, personal information areas, etc., similar to a bullet journal.

Delineating different areas on the pad allows users toorganise their ideas and thus find their way around more easily when looking for information. It also makes the desk pad more visually pleasing and makes people want to use it, as opposed to a large blank sheet of paper that is completely empty.

You are completely free in the design of your media, so you can adapt it perfectly to your business by adding a white area for drawings, an area of lines or squares, motivating quotes, or an area that presents a new product or a range with high added value. Feel free to let your creativity run wild!

How to prepare the file before printing?

Unlike other media such as booklets or brochures, desk pads are made up of identical pages and are therefore extremely simple to produce. All you have to do is send us an A3 file with the design you have created and we will print it on the 25 or 50 pages of your pad. Here are a few tips to help you get the best result:

  • We recommend that you send us your file in PDF format to ensure that no elements are displaced during printing.
  • Remember to check that the cut lines and bleeds are present on your file and that they do not truncate your visual.
  • If your design is made up of photos or images, make sure they are your own or that you have permission to use them.
  • If you have any doubts about the design, do not hesitate to order a proof before printing the blocks, which is done from 25 copies.

Good to know: our teams systematically check each file that is sent to our print shop for printing, free of charge, so that we can notify each customer quickly in the event of a problem. As experts in this field, our advisors can also answer all your questions and inform you about the various options and specificities of the products offered on our site. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

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