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Poster printing

Effective both indoors and outdoors, choose our posters

You need to to get a specific message to a target audience, decorate your offices or or draw the plans of your next building? Discover our offer of posters and printing of architectural plans for inform, convince or entertain your customers. Thanks to our different formats and finishes, you can personalise your model so that it perfectly meets your expectations and objectives.


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Printing in standard A0 format


Printing in standard A0 format


Standard A2 size printing


High definition printing in 4 hours
Photo or economic rendering


A3 size

Media Paper 135g/m2


High Definitionprinting in A1 format in only 4 hours.



High quality A2 poster
4H printing option 


A3 high definition poster in 4 hours
From 1 copy.


High Definitionprinting in A4 format in only 4 hours.



Printing up to 25,000 copies
Decreasing rates based on quantity



Your poster printed in 4 hours, on time or your money back*.



Special sale poster: your asset to catch the eye of passers-by


Ideal for furnishing & decorating your trade show booth


High Definitionprinting and customised format in just 4 hours.



Professional quality printing in only 4 hours, from 1 copy



Advertising poster A4, A3, A2: mini format, maxi visibility



Ideal poster for interior decoration


Custom cutting and high quality vinyl for impactful communication


HD quality photo poster in customised format 


The different types of posters on COPYMAGE

Poster printing or poster printing can be produced in several sizesfrom A4 to A0. We offer three types of large format printing:

  • The advertising poster, whose purpose is to allow companies to communicate on different products, news or promotions. They can be placed on a support (a wall, a billboard, a poster stand, an easel) to highlight them and increase their visibility.
  • The decorative poster, with which you can decorate your business premises and make them more welcoming or personalise your interior decoration
  • The architect's drawingThis is the ideal way for building professionals to print all their plans to scale, on white paper or tracing paper

The shape and size of a poster depends above all on the use you wish to make of it and on your target group. They may relate to different themesThey can be about different themes, with text, but also with photos, diagrams or computer graphics.

What size should you choose for your posters?

COPYMAGE allows you to customise the printing of your poster. Choosing the right format is essential depending on the place, the display medium or the objective of the campaign for which you wish to print a poster.

First of all, for effective outdoor advertising, several formats are available:

  • The classic A0 poster (80x120cm) : also called 2m² poster. This is the most common type of poster. It is often used on urban furniture such as lollipop panels and other fixed advertising panels.
  • The A0 blue back poster : the "blue back" paper is coloured to make it opaque. It is therefore not possible to see through an A0 poster stuck to the wall.
  • The A0 fluorescent poster : To attract attention, the fluorescent paper will give your graphic creations a strong visual visual impact.
  • The A1 and A2 poster are classic alternatives to the A0. They are smaller, but still offer a large smaller, they still offer a large surface area for outdoor communication and are usually stuck on walls or shop windows in the street.
  • The bus shelter poster : also called lollipop poster (120x176cm) it is perfectly adapted adapted to urban furniture. Available in blue back or backlit, this popular communication medium will offer you maximum visibility at asphalt height.
  • The 120x60cm poster: this is thehis large poster suitable for backlit display is available in blue back to be glued. It is commonly used as a metro postercorridor poster, street furniture poster or even cinema poster.

Secondly, smaller smaller formats will be perfect for indoor communication or posters, whether the media are advertising or decorative :

  • The A3 formats, known as posters or simple A4 formats are very practical. They do not take up any space in your point of sale and already offer a good surface for your message. Economical, quick to printThey are ideal for massive communication campaigns on a small budget.

Paper weight and laminations for your poster printing

The different weights available

For posters, the weights we offer vary between 170g and 240g :

  • The 170g is thinner and therefore more economical. The poster will therefore be less rigid and suitable for one-off display operations or for posters intended for indoor use and protected by a frame.
  • The 240g will ensure a better rigidity The 240g will give the poster a better rigidity, a better resistance in time and will allow it to be put up against a wall without any other support.
  • As far as the plans are concerned, the papers used are very thin. Indeed, a grammage of 80g weight makes it easy to roll or fold for storage. You can choose between white paper or tracing paper, which will also allow you to superimpose on another plan.

The different types of paper for your large format poster prints

The paper types offered by COPYMAGE for your poster printing will offer you high quality high quality renderings. For your posters, you can use glossy or satin coated paper offering different renderings due to their own characteristics.

The coated paper is a paper whose surface is coated with one or more layers of mineral substances in order to obtain a smooth and homogeneous surface while improving the whiteness of the paper and possibly giving it specific qualities of gloss or touch:

  • The glossy coating will sublimate the rendering of colours. It will accentuate a contrast or highlight nuances. Its brilliant surface qualities, whiteness and opacity bring out the finesse of photographs, illustrations or engravings.
  • The satin coated will be ideal for producing high quality prints with its soft, restrained feel. It will bring a velvety texture to even the most precise graphics, photos and illustrations. A glamorous touch in a world of luxury.

What finishes are available for your poster or map printing?

With COPYMAGE, you have the possibility to choose between different types of finishing such as lamination, laminating and lamination: 

  • Laminating is a thin layer added after printing to protect the poster and give it an extra effect. You can choose from 3 types of lamination according to your expectations: matt, glossy and soft touch depending on the desired effect.
  • Laminating The poster is encapsulated between 2 layers of plastic to ensure a totally hermetic protection and a high degree of rigidity.

Ideal for outdoor posters that are subject to the weather, it is also suitable for menu posters that may be stained.

  • Laminating will help to stiffen the poster and give it volume. Opt for different solutions according to your desires: foam, dibond, aluminium or even PVC.

The advantages of using COPYMAGE for poster printing

Calling on COPYMAGE for your poster printing or map printing saves time thanks to a simple, easy and remote service.

  • You place your orders directly online and collect your poster thanks to click and collect
  • Our express delivery service can guarantee you a 4-hour delivery time for your emergencies

You choose your paper, your type of poster printing and your finishes to personalise your document as closely as possible to your expectations. Print in huge formats up to A0, which no home printer can do ! All your prints are made to measure and your documents are cut cleanly and neatly.

COPYMAGE guarantees high definition printing quality which allows a perfect rendering of visuals and colours. A major challenge for communication campaigns!

And to affirm this guarantee, we ensure a quality follow-up throughout your poster printing project poster printing project:

  • Thanks to a proof (ready for printing) you check the rendering before printing and decide whether or not to print according to the result
  • The files are checked free of charge and systematically before printing

Finally, you have access to attractive pricing conditions thanks to a degressive price according to the volume printed.

Frequently asked questions about poster printing

How to create a poster?

Creating a poster or a display will allow you to express your creativity and your sense of formula to arouse the interest of your target. Here are our tips:

Take care of the layout

A poster is a medium designed to attract the eye and to attract the eye and communicate quickly in order to arouse interest. Passers-by are unlikely to stop and read your poster, so you have very little time to convince them.

To create an effective and impactful poster, we advise you to keep it short and concise. To do this, it is recommended to opt for a simple and clear message, that can be read from a distance. If you wish to add additional information, remember to prioritise it and only include the essential: the aim is to arouse the curiosity of visitors so that they come to you to find out more.

If your poster is used to communicate around an event (product launch, sales period, participation in a trade fair, etc.), it is recommended that your visual answers the following questions: when, where, how? 

Finally, don't forget to include your contact detailsyour website or social networks so that the contact can learn more about you, your products or services if you are not nearby or are busy.

Use impactful visuals

In an environment overloaded with information and potential competitors, you need to stand out at all costs. Your visuals must attention to be attractive. !

And of course, for the perceived image of your brand to be positive, it is obvious that each of the visuals used should be of very good quality and in high resolution.

Be creative

Your poster is a unique creation that will allow you to decorate your premises or communicate, so it must correspond to the message you wish to convey but also be attractive and pleasant to look at. To achieve this, don't hesitate to experiment with different styles or colours and ask your staff or friends for their opinion. 

If you are not sure which design to choose, it is best to ask for a proof. With the Good To Print option, you will receive a copy of each poster that is similar in every way to the one you are thinking of printing. By having several different different copies in front of you, you can decide which one you want to print in larger numbers for your communication campaign or to decorate your premises.