• Flyers et dépliants : tous les outils de prospection
  • Dans une entreprise, les besoins d’impression sont variés et surtout très nombreux, allant de la simple carte de visite à de grandes bâches publicitaires, en passant par des dépliants, des kakémonos ou encore des dossiers reliés. 2022 02 1
  • Dans une entreprise, les besoins d’impression sont variés et surtout très nombreux, allant de la simple carte de visite à de grandes bâches publicitaires, en passant par des dépliants, des kakémonos ou encore des dossiers reliés. 2
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COPYMAGE, the printer in Lyon dedicated to professionals

Imprimeur lyon

COPYMAGE, the printer in Lyon for professionals and individuals

In a company, printing needs are varied and above all numerous, ranging from simple business cards to large advertising banners, including leaflets, kakemonos and bound folders.

COPYMAGE, your printer in Lyon, offers you its printing, cutting, binding, scanning and copying services to enable you to carry out all your communication campaigns in the best possible conditions.

Work with peace of mind by relying on a professional printer

A communication campaign requires an enormous amount of time, work and investment on the part of a company's employees, so it is essential that the materials intended to be displayed to the public (flyers, posters, stickers, etc.) are of excellent quality and correspond perfectly to the objectives set. Bland, easily torn or discoloured materials can completely discredit a marketing campaign and, at the same time, the company that set it up, as it is its image that is at stake.

By calling on COPYMAGE, a printer in Lyon, professionals like you can be sure that they will quickly receive communication materials that are perfectly in line with what they have ordered. Printed on quality paper using high-performance machines specially designed for this purpose, all products are of high quality and allow you to carry out all your projects quickly and at a lower cost.

Thanks to the proofing option available on all products, COPYMAGE's customers can ask to receive a final proof identical in every respect to their future printing and thus check, before placing their order, that everything is to their liking (font, size, cutting, finishing, etc.).

Carrying out your projects in collaboration with a printer in Lyon such as COPYMAGE is also an excellent way to save time and avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, some materials such as flyers could be printed using a conventional printer, but the cost of ink is very high, errors can be costly and the result will never be as good as when printed using machines specially designed for this purpose. With COPYMAGE, a printer in Lyon, there are no unpleasant surprises on the price. Your advisor will systematically provide you with a precise quote beforehand and you can even benefit from quantity discounts.

Enjoy a wide range of products and customisation options

Accustomed to working with professionals from a wide range of sectors, COPYMAGE, a printer in Lyon, expands its catalogue of offers from year to year in order to allow all those who wish to find what they need easily. For this reason, professionals can find a wide range of communication media on our site, such as

  • Media for advertising displays, such as posters, banners, kakemonos or roll-ups
  • Products designed for distribution such as flyers, stickers, brochures or leaflets
  • References with the aim of informing and communicating, such as floor stickers, adhesive lettering or window stickers
  • Stationery accessories to save employees time and create a visual identity such as ink pads, letterheads and order forms

By browsing the COPYMAGE website, a printer in Lyon, professionals can discover a large number of references that will help them to be more efficient in their daily tasks but also to make their business known on a medium or large scale depending on your objectives. Similarly, some products can be useful to individuals, such as invitations, invitation cards or postcards.

All products can be personalised thanks to the laminating, varnishing or gilding options available on the COPYMAGE site, printer in Lyon, which will enable companies to give a natural, chic or modern look to their communication media. Similarly, they can choose between several papers and weights or between several types of folding or binding depending on the product chosen.

These options are ideal for letting your creativity speak for itself and creating media that perfectly match your company's image. In addition, the high-performance and innovative machines of COPYMAGE, a printer in Lyon, can print and cut out all the visuals that companies wish to order, from the simplest to the most complex. Many materials can be made to measure and can therefore correspond to the dimensions and cutting shapes that they wish to obtain, without having to limit themselves to basic options.

The advantages of choosing a printer in Lyon who is close to its customers

The problem with many online printers is the lack of proximity and therefore the impossibility of obtaining advice or personal follow-up when placing an order.

COPYMAGE, a printer in Lyon, has voluntarily chosen to set up a personalised and close follow-up for its customers thanks to the presence of advisers located directly within the printing works. Thanks to their proximity to the technical teams, COPYMAGE's advisors are able to answer all customers' questions concerning the feasibility of their projects or the technical aspects.

When a new customer arrives, he or she is assigned an advisor who will personally handle all of the customer's requests: advice, order or delivery follow-up, questions, urgent needs, after-sales service, invoicing, etc. Thanks to this operating system, customers are accompanied by one and the same person and therefore always deal with the same contact person, which allows them to have confidence in their printer in Lyon but also to save time because they do not need to review their situation with each request. A much appreciated service which is one of the reasons why many important companies such as EDF, Bic or the Louvre Museum trust COPYMAGE for all their campaigns.

Trained in graphic design and printing, the customer advisors at COPYMAGE, a printer in Lyon, are perfectly capable of informing customers about the printing methods for all their communication media. They can therefore perfectly estimate the time required to complete a project, advise professionals on the choice of the most suitable medium or explain to them how to make sure that a medium is impactful and successful. In addition, COPYMAGE advisors systematically check each of the materials that are sent for printing, free of charge, to guarantee customers an optimal result.