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Customised spiral binding printing

Spiral binding is a simple method of binding several pages of a file together. The pages of the file are perforated on one side to allow the insertion of a plastic or metal spiral which will hold the pages together and provide a comfortable reading experience.

Ideal for presenting your annual report or your internship report during your defence, the spiral-bound folder makes it easy to read many pages while conveying a professional image.

With COPYMAGE, you can have one or more folders containing more than 600 pages printed, while benefiting from numerous customisation options, both in terms of format and the binding itself.


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Durable training books with 100% flat opening.


Metal or plastic binding
Finishing touches for a professional look


Ideal as a corporate gift or diary. To be personalised. Available in A5 and A6.


Successful dissertation printing


Activity report: the guarantee of a professional rendering


For internal use or to communicate with investors or shareholders 


3 classic uses of a spiral binding

The simplicity of this binding method makes it an essential part of many communication materials. However, at Copymage we find that this method is particularly suitable for three types of production:

Spiral binding is ideal when printing a dissertation. When preparing your files, be sure to keep the margins wide enough so that the perforations for the spiral binding do not overlap your text. If in doubt, we at Copymage will check all your files before printing free of charge. By choosing a classic black plastic spiral, you will ensure that you respect the formalism that befits this academic exercise.

Your company's activity report is both a technical document and a communication document. It must provide information about your company's activity while at the same time being an ambassador for your brand image and graphic identity. The many finishes available at Copymage (paper weights and types, thickness and lamination for the cover, spiral colours) will enable us to help you create a document that is as attractive as it is serious.

The shape of a spiral-bound file is perfectly suited to the creation of training books. Indeed, the spiral binding offers a complete flat opening, and consequently authorises the taking of notes directly on the support - think of including in your files lined blank pages which encourage them to note down what they consider essential. By choosing a metal spiral, you can ensure that your learners will have a lasting format that they can use long after the course is over.

The formats available for printing bound files

Most spiral-bound folders are printed in A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm), as this is the format that allows for a perfect grip while leaving space to display a large amount of information, but also images or graphics, which are elements that are regularly found in annual reports or activity reports. However, you can also opt for :

  • An A6 binder (10.5 x 14.8 cm): the smallest format in the range, it is easy to store in a pocket or drawer and can therefore be used to keep important numbers or information close at hand at all times.
  • A5 format binding (14.8 x 21 cm): close to the format of a notebook, this type of support is perfect for creating a welcome booklet or a guide that can easily be slipped into a bag.
  • A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) binding : the largest format available in this range, A3 is ideal for creating a large explanatory booklet in which you can include large images such as artwork or plans.

Once you have selected the ideal size for your spiral binding, you can consider the orientation. Your file can be presented in "French", or portrait format, or in "Italian", or landscape format. The landscape format is less common, but it is perfect for files containing illustrations, which are often oriented in landscape for better visibility.

The advantages of spiral binding

When you want to print a bound file, you have several options, including the use of metal or plastic spirals. This option is more economical and practical than a glued square spine and allows the reader to lay the material completely flat when reading, making it more enjoyable. Also, spiral binding makes it possible to leave the file open on a table or desk during a presentation, unlike a glued square back which gives a book-like appearance.

Another advantage of spiral binding is that it allows you toadd up to 600 pages to your file, provided you choose a low, standard 80g paper weight for the printing. An ideal solution for printing dissertations, university theses or annual reports, which are documents that contain a large amount of information, images and graphics. But how do you choose between a metal and a plastic binder? Here is some additional information:

  • Plastic binder: more economical, this binder is practical because it can be opened at will to add or remove pages from the file. It also has the advantage of being available in more colours such as black, white, blue, red or green.
  • Metal binding: slightly more expensive than the previous one, metal binding is very solid and will not be damaged during transport or archiving. Available in black, white, silver, blue and red, this spiral binding also offers a more upscale look.

The choice of paper and cover

When ordering a spiral binding, you can choose between different types of paper that will be used to print the pages of your document. This choice is important because it will determine the final appearance of your file. However, choosing a high grammage will limit the number of pages that your plastic or metal binders can hold, so you need to choose the ideal compromise. The types of paper we suggest you select are the following:

  • 80g/m2 paper: this is the standard paper used to print classic documents such as the pages of a training file for example. It supports double-sided printing without curling.
  • 90g/m2 paper: thicker than the previous one, it offers a better hold and can therefore better withstand large piles of ink, such as when printing images or graphics, even on both sides.

Good to know: to make your spiral binding more durable and personal, you can choose covers for the front or back cover of your file. Covers can be laminated and transparent to show the information on your cover page, or cardboard and coloured. The colours available are black, blue, red and white.

Frequently asked questions about spiral binders

What are the other methods of binding?

In addition to spiral binding, two other binding methods are available:

  • The stapled bindingstapled binding, also known as "saddle stitching" or "two-stitch" binding, involves stapling the pages of a document along the centre fold. Used for the production of brochures, booklets and magazines, this method offers a high degree of legibility because the document can be opened completely flat. In addition, text and illustrations can be placed on two pages side by side without the binding interfering with reading. This very economical binding method has one limitation: it is only available for documents with between 4 and 40 pages.
  • Glued square back binding is the binding method used in the production of commercially available books. It involves gluing the pages together on the cover. This binding method offers a very professional look, ideal for binding a novel or a thesis for example.

Where to get a spiral bound file?

At Copymage! Entrust us with your files and enjoy all the advantages of working with a professional printer:

  • Reactivity: if you are in a hurry, choose the express printing option in 4 hours.
  • Advice: our know-how and experience of these products will enable us to alert you to the errors that should not be made when preparing the files in order to obtain an impeccable result.
  • Finishing options: by going to a professional printer, you can choose the paper weight, the type of paper, the colour and finish of the cover, the material and colour of the spiral, etc. Let us guide you, you will be surprised at what is possible in the field of spiral binding.
  • Print quality: of course, the high-end machines we use guarantee high print quality, both for text and illustrations.

Are you looking for a professional look? Call in the professionals.

How to make a personalised spiral notebook?

You are organising an event over several days and would like to offer all your participants a beautiful and useful welcome gift? Why not design a personalised spiral notebook that will accompany them throughout the event and long after?

Step one: design the inside of your notebook. Perhaps it would be a good idea to include a diary of the different workshops, with spaces for taking notes? Perhaps a map of the conference and catering venues could also be included? Think beforehand about the types of pages you want to include (note pages, spaces for sticking stickers, etc.). Pay attention to the margins: you will need to leave room for the future spiral!

Second step : fine-tune the shape. Choose the paper, its colour, weight and finish. The notebook should be easy to handle but also attractive to everyone, the choice of materials will have an impact on the final result. Think also in terms of size: will this notebook fit in the participants' pockets?

Third step, choose your cover. Both in terms of content and form. How thick will the cover be, what colour? What type of paper will you use? Will there be a photo or illustration of the event you are organising on the cover?

Step 4: Choose the spiral binding. Do you need a plastic spiral, which is more flexible, or a metal spiral, which is more resistant? If you want the goodies to follow the participants beyond the event, we suggest you opt for metal, which is more resistant.

Last but not least, give us your project and we'll make it happen with the quality of a professional print. Estimate the number of participants at your event who will benefit from this special gift and remember, at Copymage, our prices are degressive according to the quantities ordered.