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Printing of Booklets / Magazines


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Booklet: the ideal advertising tool to communicate about your products or your company

Do you need a document with substantial pages to present your company, your products or an event you are organising? Printing a booklet is the most suitable communication the most appropriate communication medium. At COPYMAGE, take advantage of professional quality online magazine printing for mass distribution.

Do you need a document with substantial pages to present your company, your products or an event you are organising? Printing a booklet is the most suitable communication the most appropriate communication medium. At COPYMAGE, take advantage of professional quality online magazine printing for mass distribution.

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What are the possible uses of a booklet?

Also called stapled brochureThe booklet is a useful communication medium for private or public companies, institutions and public administrations. The use varies from one context to another.

The booklet in companies

You can print a booklet to promote your company, your brand, your products and your services. This booklet will be the perfect support to illustrate your sales pitch during your prospecting meetings.

You can also print a booklet as part of a marketing as part of a marketing campaignYou can also print a booklet as part of a marketing campaign, when you want to launch a new season for your business, promote a one-off offer or present a price range. You can then massively distribute it during street marketing operations, attached to your administrative letters or as samples in each delivery parcel or bag that you hand out at the checkout.

It is also possible to use the booklet internally as a tool for on-boarding a new employee. The welcome booklet, which includes the company's organisation, operations and internal rules, will be very useful to the human resources department in helping the new employee adapt.

Other possible uses of the booklet

Outside the company, there are other possible uses for the magazine. The booklet is used in public administrations as a medium for for :

  • A municipal guide
  • A brochure tourist
  • A cultural programme
  • A newsletter

As an individual, you can also print a wedding booklet, a restaurant menu or an original brochure.

What are the advantages of printing an A5 booklet?

Online magazine printing has many advantages for your business:

  • The presentation of the booklet allows you to stand out from the competition and attract your target audience. It becomes a very effective sales tool to quickly develop your turnover.
  • The printed booklet has a long life. It can quickly be passed from one person to another without deteriorating by multiplying the potential points of contact.
  • At COPYMAGE, we offer stapled binding, which is more economical than spiral binding for your booklet.
  • This form of binding also allows visuals to be presented on 2 pages side by side without cutting them off and thus offers an unparalleled reading quality. offers an unparalleled reading quality.
  • The A5 format is particularly practical and offers a better grip than the classic A4 format. Easy to store in a bag, your booklet will be easier to store and share.

How to choose your passbook?

At COPYMAGE, you can print a customised magazine by choosing the number of pages, which must be a multiple of 4. Note that you can print a booklet with a maximum of 40 pages. To personalise your booklet and meet your objectives, you can opt for different formats, paper weights and finishes.  

The format

The format will determine the presentation of your booklet. You have several choices at your fingertips: 

  • The standard A4 format 210 x 297 mm. This is the ideal format if you have a lot of information to communicate in your magazine.
  • The A6 105 x 148 mm pocket size that your customers can easily slip into their bag. 
  • The A5 148 x 210 mm format is a good compromise for a compact format, but with a larger surface area. 
  • The 10 x 21 closed postcard format 
  • The 15 x 15 CD format

Whichever format you choose, you can opt for either landscape or portrait orientation. 

Paper weight

The weight of the paper determines the appearance of your booklet.

  • 80 g paper is thin, light and flexibleIt is ideal for the inside pages, which are easy to leaf through. It also offers good value for money. This booklet is perfect for one-off use and mass distribution.
  • 135 g paper thicker and more robust for quality sheets. It is recommended for a booklet to be used over a longer period of time.
  • A 170 g paper is rigid and resistant, ideal for the cover. It ensures that your communication medium will hold up better and that your brand image will be upmarket.

You can then choose between two types of paper:

  • The matte paper guarantees a high quality finish to your booklet to your booklet and will convey a very professional image to your prospects and clients.
  • Glossy paper should be used if your magazine has a lot of visuals. This paper will ensure that your your colours and photos stand out..

The finish

You can choose between three types of finishing: lamination, selective varnish or 3D varnish. 

  • Laminating consists of covering the surface of the paper with a thin film. You can choose a matt lamination for a sober and elegant look, a gloss lamination to bring more brilliance to the colours and a soft touch lamination for a soft and pleasant feel.
  • Selective varnishing allows you to add a shine to a specific element of your media, such as your logo, your slogan or an image. The 3D version is the same as applying varnish in relief.

Magazine printing: which products should I use?

To promote your business, you can use a variety of communication materials. Printing a booklet is the first option, as this medium can contain the maximum amount of information to share with your prospects and customers. 

At the same time you can use other communication tools with a very different purpose. Think of a product leaflet to present all your products or services in a synthetic way.

If you want to communicate about a promotion or a new offer, a flyer is easy to share. It's perfect for sharing important information without getting bogged down in details to grab your prospects' attention.

Finally, for an event, such as a trade fair or exhibition, you can share personalised invitation cards to invite your customers and partners. At the end of the event, you can offer a thank you card to show your appreciation.

Don't hesitate to discover the other products in our section section: you can order different formats of d'catalogue printingesand reportsts reports, activity, reports annual reportsls, books training booklets or even carnets.

Frequently asked questions about the booklet

What are the advantages of printing a magazine online at COPYMAGE?

At COPYMAGE we guarantee a fast processing of your order.

  • We will put you in touch with an advisor to guide you in choosing your printing options if you wish. 
  • We offer you the possibility of obtaining a print proof to check the final result of your communication support.
  • If you have an urgent need, we have the capacity to express delivery of your communication your communication media. Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors to define your needs, he will do his utmost to find the most suitable solution for your objectives.

Where to distribute your booklets?

The booklet is mainly used during mass marketing operations. 

  • Take advantage of the trade showsexhibitions and fairs to distribute it.
  • You can also distribute it in letterboxes or make it available to your customers in your reception area or on on the counters of your business partners.

How to design your booklets successfully?

Apart from the customisation options we offer, it is essential to create a booklet that reflects your brand image. Respect your graphic charter by meticulously choosing the colours, the visuals, the typography of the texts in coherence with your visual identity.

Think about the hierarchy of the elements of your magazine by structuring your texts with concise and carefully written headlines.

To make reading easier, don't forget to to air out the presentation. We often make the mistake of trying to say too much. Remember that the prospect may not read your content if it is too dense and austere. Catchphrases, visuals or diagrams should entice them to read it. Beware, the written word is not everything. The aim of the booklet is to attract your customer's attention, to encourage them to contact you for more information.

Don't forget that the booklet is only a communication tool to support a sales pitch that you will develop orally once this first contact has been established. 

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