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In Products > Rigid supports

PVC panel printing


In Products > Rigid supports

Communicate and inform with an ultra-resistant customised PVC panel

Used both indoors and outdoors, the PVC panel is a communication medium that is very popular with professionals because it has many advantages such as lightness, rigidity and opacity. Thanks to the customisation options and finishes offered by COPYMAGE, you can create a PVC panel 100% in your image, in order to present your sign or transmit information to your customers.

Used both indoors and outdoors, the PVC panel is a communication medium that is very popular with professionals because it has many advantages such as lightness, rigidity and opacity. Thanks to the customisation options and finishes offered by COPYMAGE, you can create a PVC panel 100% in your image, in order to present your sign or transmit information to your customers.

  • Ultra light and durable
  • 3 thicknesses to choose from: 3, 5, 10 mm
  • Anti-graffiti lamination
  • Wide range of formats

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The many uses and advantages of PVC panels

If PVC panels are often used by professionals to communicate or decorate their points of sale, it is because it is a material that has many advantages, starting with its excellent quality-price ratio. It is also extremely versatile and can be easily installed anywhere as it is rot-proof and UV-resistant, so it can be placed on the side of a busy road or on a shop front.

Completely smooth and flat, the surface of a PVC panel is perfect for printing images or photos because it offers excellent quality and definition, even for a large format panel that is visible from a distance. Therefore, the PVC panel can be used as a communication medium as well as a decoration in a point of sale.

Finally, PVC is an extremely light and rigid material, so your PVC panel can easily be hung wherever you want, whether on a wall or on a shop front.

Good to know: PVC is one of the materials classified as M1 in terms of fire safety, so it corresponds perfectly to the criteria required by certain buildings open to the public (shops, shopping centres, exhibitions, etc.).

Available thicknesses for your PVC panels

As you can see, PVC is an extremely resistant material. However, for certain uses, such as prolonged outdoor display, it is recommended to choose a model that is slightly thicker than the one you would install indoors. This is why we offer you 3 different thicknesses for your PVC panel:

  • The 3 mm model: ideal for indoor display in a point of sale, office or shop window.
  • The 5 mm model: slightly thicker than the previous one, it will better withstand weather changes and can therefore be placed outdoors.
  • The 10 mm model: more resistant and more rigid than the other two, this model is ideal for printing a commercial sign that will remain in place for years.

Our advice: although the 3 mm model is ideal for hanging small panels indoors, we recommend that youopt for the 5 mm model if you wish to choose a larger format. This will give you a more rigid and therefore more resistant PVC panel.

The different printing options for PVC posters

Fully customisable, your PVC posters can be printed on one side only or on both sides. You can choose to have the same image on both sides of the panel, or opt for two different visuals depending on your objectives and needs. Thanks to the opacity of the material and the quality of the four-colour printing, you are guaranteed to receive a perfectly legible material thanks to the contrast of the images and colours.

The printing of your visual can be done directly on your PVC panel or on a vinyl which will then be laminated on the support. The second option, although slightly more expensive, offers a better rendering of the PVC posters by making the colours more vivid and brighter. It also offers greater resistance to UV, scratches and corrosion, thus increasing the life of the material.

Finally, we offer you to choose the colour of the edge of your panel so that you can make sure that it fits perfectly with your visual and with the rest of your communication or decoration elements. The colours available are white and black.

Finishes available for PVC panel printing

If you wish to further strengthen and protect your PVC panel, you can opt for the option of lamination. This option, which consists of covering your material with a thin plastic layer, will also offer a perfect protection against scratches but also against graffiti. This is an option not to be overlooked, as it will save you from having to reprint your media if they are unfortunately vandalised.

In order for you to personalise your PVC panels as much as you like, we offer you the possibility to choose the shape of the cut-out of your support. You can opt for square edges, rounded edges or a completely customised shape such as an arrow or an element related to your business (bread stick, dress, book, etc.).

Wondering how you are going to mount your PVC sign on the wall or in your shop window? Don't worry, just select the corresponding option to receive hanging brackets or an easel which will allow you to install your PVC poster vertically wherever you want.

Frequently asked questions about printing a PVC panel

How to create a successful billboard?

Before thinking about the content that will appear on your PVC billboard, we advise you to consider the practical question: does it have to be visible and, above all, readable from a distance, as is the case with billboards placed at the side of the road? Will passers-by have time to stop for a few seconds in front of your sign to read the information on it or not? Once you have these answers, you can design a billboard adapted to your target audience, both in terms of graphic design and message.

In general, we advise you to keep your billboard materials clear and concise , as they are intended to attract customers to your point of sale rather than to show them your full range of products and services. In addition, passers-by usually do not linger more than two or three seconds in front of a billboard, so there is no need to overload it with information.

Our advice: if it is a PVC sign intended to be installed outside, several metres or kilometres from your point of sale, do not hesitate to add a map or a short indication allowing interested parties to find you easily!

How do you prepare the file for printing your billboard?

At COPYMAGE, we have ateam of advisors who systematically check every file sent to us for printing,free of charge, so that we can contact our customers quickly if there are any concerns. However, we recommend that you take the time to check certain points before sending us your file for printing:

  • Prefer a file in PDF format, which will prevent certain elements from being moved
  • Work from a flattened image to make exporting easier
  • Use images with a resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • Make sure you always work at 100% scale in 300 dpi for panels less than 5 metres long. Beyond that, you can work at1/10 scale in 150 dpi
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