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Your personalised stickers, just as you imagine them! In the image of your brand. 

Customised stickers & designs that work! Easy online ordering, same day production time.
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Create customised stickers. Choose the shapes, sizes, design and colours to suit your idea.

The personalised sticker is one of the most practical and inexpensive means of communication. It offers an infinite range of uses for promote your brand to the public. Discover the collection of personalised stickers at COPYMAGE.


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A 100% customised sticker available in 4 hours

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Delivered in sheets from 50 copies
The perfect marketing tool to promote your brand

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A 100% personalised sticker for a trendy and impactful campaign

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Delivered in sheets
easy removal of stickers

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Easy to apply with transfer film.
Rain and UV resistant vinyl sticker

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Essential to communicate on the product, its composition, its origin or your brand


Decorate your shop window and get your message across in an original way 

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Why buy your personalized label from COPYMAGE?

The personalised sticker is used in all sectors of activity: food, fashion, cosmetics, etc. 

The personalized sticker is often used to promote a promotional offer. By highlighting the words "clearance sale", "special discount" or "exclusive offer" on your promotional sticker, you will be sure to catch your target's attention and trigger a purchase.

You can also use a personalised label to decorate your packaging and thus stand out from the competition. stand out from the competition. Whether it features your logo, a striking slogan or a playful visual, your personalised sticker will effectively convey your values and increase your reputation to your prospects.

The personalized sticker can also be used to sign an envelope or close an invitation and thus add a personal brand to your mail. your company on your mail.

As you can see, the personalised self-adhesive label is a practical and economical way, with a playful and original touch, to promote your brand.

At COPYMAGE, we offer you a customised sticker printing service to your brand's image. You have several possibilities to personalise your stickers, depending on the format, the vinyl support and the finish.

How to choose your custom label?

You can choose a classic shape for your custom sticker design: 

  • Square, round, rectangle and oval. 
  • But it is quite possible to choose a customised cutting shape made to measure.

Which format should you choose for your label?

You can opt to receive the personalised stickers separately individually or grouped together in sheets or rolls.

  • Individual stickers are perfect for creating a unique design and shape of your choice. They are cut and delivered to you individually, making them ideal for personalised promotional gifts.
  • If, on the other hand, you need stickers to regularly affix to your letters or other mailings in small quantities, printing stickers in sheets will be a more suitable solution.
  • Finally, the personalised stickers on a roll are preferable if you want to use stickers in large quantities. They guarantee a quick sticking if you want to personalise several products in a row. They also offer a better price/quality ratio than stickers on a board.

Format of the individual stickers

In the case of an individual sticker, you can choose from the classic sizes offered on the site: 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, 125mm x 125mm or even custom-made. 

Format of the stickers in sheets

The stickers on board are delivered on A5, A4 or A3 paper. You can order 100mm x 150mm, 213mm x 275mm or custom-made stickers.

Sticker format on reel

In this case you can choose between 30mm x 30mm, 50mm x 50mm, 70mm x 70mm, 95mm x 95mm or custom made labels. 

At COPYMAGE, we offer various types of personalized stickers, ranging from square à ovalto the oval, as well as transparent stickers and various types of labels.

Which finish should I choose?

We use vinyl to design a personalised sticker, as it offers a beautiful print result.

A personalised vinyl sticker is long-lasting long life as it is resistant to everything moisture, UV and abrasion.

The vinyl adheres easily to any type of surface plastic, metal, cardboard or wood. It offers good value for money.

You can choose between a matt finish that gives your sticker an elegant look and a glossy finish that highlights the colours. 

How to use your personalised sticker?

You can share your stickers as gifts, goodies to offer to prospects during a street marketing operation.

You can distribute it distributed with a flyer as part of a promotional offer or with a leaflet to give prospects a better idea of your company. Your prospects can put it on their door, their fridge, their mug or their PC... And thus advertise your brand for free.

You can also apply the adhesive labels to your products or their packaging or on your product packaging and delivery bags. This is an effective way to personalise your products and boxes without the need for expensive custom printing.

You can use transparent stickers that can be attached to windows, shop windows orThey can be attached to windows, shop windows or office glass walls. They are visible from the inside and outside to promote your brand.

You can also apply these transparent stickers to the vehicle windows to personalise your company car. This personalised sticker solution is very effective in getting the word out about your company to as many people as possible in in all your daily journeys.

What are the advantages of a personalised self-adhesive label?

Customised stickers, whether they are individual, on a sheet or on a reel, have many advantages, allowing you to promote your brand.

  • They represent a playful way to to make a lasting impression on your prospects and customers.
  • They are can be customised as required. You can print different visuals in the same run to vary the messages in your communication.
  • They are economicalThey allow you to personalise all your communication. Simply add a personalised label to your products, packaging, etc.
  • They offer great flexibility in stock management with the possibility of minimum print run of 50 copies.

Frequently asked questions about custom stickers

How do you apply your stickers neatly?

Stick your adhesive label to a clean, flat surface clean, flat surface to avoid to prevent bubbles from forming.

If you want to attach it to a window, it is essential to first clean the surface with alcohol with alcohol and let it dry.

What type of personalized sticker is perfect for your marketing operation?

Do not hesitate to contact one of the COPYMAGE advisors advisors who will help you choose the type of adhesive labels that will best suit your needs.

Choose individual stickers as gifts. Opt for stickers on a roll to to personalise several items such as such as your bottles, baskets and product packaging. Choose stickers on a sheet if you want to personalise a smaller volume of media such as your letters. What's more, the board can be easily stored when not in use.

Do the sticker reels come with a dispenser box?

At COPYMAGE, the reels are delivered with a distribution box. Only the end of the reel comes out of the box, so the user only has to pull and stick the label when needed. In this way, the stickers inside remain protected.