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Gold-plated business card printing


In Products > Business cards

Gold-plated business card: the choice of elegance and impact 

Your business card should be memorable, so that everyone who receives it remembers you and your company months later. That's the best reason to choose a gold-plated business card!

An impactful and stylish business card with many customisation options, use our services to print a unique communication medium to distribute around you.

Your business card should be memorable, so that everyone who receives it remembers you and your company months later. That's the best reason to choose a gold-plated business card!

An impactful and stylish business card with many customisation options, use our services to print a unique communication medium to distribute around you.

  • Wide range of possible formats
  • Soft touch lamination 
  • Gilding finish
  • One or both sides

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Make the choice of impact by choosing a gold-plated business card

Of all the business cards we offer at Copymage, the gold-plated business card is certainly the most luxurious and chic.

It is about highlighting a specific element of your business card, for example your company logo, a text, a drawing or a gold frame drawn on the edges of the card and applying a gold coating.

For this, we use the same process as for making a business card with selective varnish or a business card with 3D varnish You tell us the lines, drawings or text that you want to enhance and we apply the gilding that will contrast with the mattness of the paper.

Options for personalising your business card with gold foil

The type of paper

When making business cards with foil stamping, there is one thing you will not be able to choose from: the type of paper you use. The gilding does not adhere well to glossy coated paper (i.e. paper on which a layer of pigment and binders has been applied to make it glossier). For this reason, business cards with foil stamping can only be produced on matt coated paper.

Paper weight

You have two choices when it comes to paper weight for your business cards with gold embossing: 350g or 400g. Such a paper weight gives your business cards a good hold. However, if you want to go one step further, you should know that you cannot use gilding on a thick business card - But perhaps it would not be the right message to send to your contacts to hand them a business card with the shine and weight of an ingot?

Size and shape

Gold-plated business cards are available in many sizes and shapes. Choose a rectangular shape about the size of a bank card (8.5 x 5.5 cm) for a chic and professional look. Choose a square shape with a gold border to further emphasise your company's originality.


It is a good idea to opt for a soft touch lamination of your gold business cards. Not only because this lamination finishes off your gold-plated business cards as outstanding premium business cards, but also because the lamination helps to protect your gold-plated business cards, which then have a longer lifespan.

Time limits for the production process

If you urgently need new business cards, don't forget that at Copymage we offer you the option 4-hour express business card. Simply select "Express" in our online configurator and upload your files directly to the site. Your business cards will be ready in 4 hours and you can pick them up at the counter or have them delivered by courier anywhere in the Ile-de-France!

Frequently asked questions about gold-plated business cards

How do you prepare your file to create your business cards with foil?

To help you create your gold-plated business cards, we at Copymage have created a checklist of all the points to check before sending us your files:

  • Your files can be sent to us in different formats: PDF, Microsoft Office (.doc, .pub, .ppt..), Adobe (.psd, .indd, .ai..), JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • The resolution of the images must be 300 dpi.
  • Be sure to add at least 3 mm of bleed around your file to the finished document size.
  • Remember to vectorise the fonts used in your file.
  • For your black solids, choose the intense shade: C50 M30 J30 N100.
  • The thickness of the lines or the spaces between the characters must be 0.5 point. Anything less will cause the hot stamping to clog.
  • Choose a font size of at least 6 to 8 points depending on the font.

You will have two files to send us for the printing of your business cards with gilding:

  • A file simulating the final rendering with gilding using another colour, for example yellow.
  • A file specifying the areas to which you wish to apply the gold plating using a fifth colour called "gold" (in addition to the four-colour process). Please note that this last file must not contain any halftone or gradient on the gold layer. Only 100% black will be accepted. Furthermore, this file must be in vector format (PDF, AI or EPS)

If in doubt, please contact us and we will check your files free of charge before printing your business cards with gold foil.

How to distribute your business cards with gold plating to make a lasting impression?

Business cards, including gold-plated business cards, are not just for certain businessmen or professionals. In fact, there is nothing to stop you from using this communication medium to promote the event that your association or community is organising. This luxurious finish also conveys a festive spirit within everyone's reach.

It will benefit from being widely distributed:

  • Hand to hand to your customers, partners, prospects. This is the most classic and obvious method of distribution. On all your business trips, your gold-plated business cards should be one of your unforgettable souvenirs.
  • Slip your gold-plated business cards into the notch of a flap folder. At Copymage, we offer you the possibility of personalising your flap folders with your company colours and including a notch for your gold-plated business card. By coordinating two communication media, you multiply their effect!
  • Free access to your subcontractors or businesspartners. For example, if you sell yoga equipment, perhaps you can make an agreement with rooms that offer classes to leave your cards at the entrance to the changing rooms?
  • Free access in local shops. Make your shop known by relying on the inhabitants of the neighbourhood where it is located. If your neighbouring bakers or booksellers agree, their customers will have access to your gold-plated business cards. Don't hesitate to return the favour!

Regardless of the distribution method, you can be sure that your gold-plated business cards will have an impact on all your customers and prospects.

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