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In Products > Rigid supports

Customised building site sign printing


In Products > Rigid supports

Print your construction sign on an ultra-lightweight akilux base

Whether it is to inform passers-by or to display legal information about a construction site, the customised construction site sign is the ideal medium because it is resistant and impactful. Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can print a customised construction site sign in the size of your choice, while benefiting from numerous customisation options concerning the thickness of the support or the format of your sign.

Whether it is to inform passers-by or to display legal information about a construction site, the customised construction site sign is the ideal medium because it is resistant and impactful. Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can print a customised construction site sign in the size of your choice, while benefiting from numerous customisation options concerning the thickness of the support or the format of your sign.

  • Akylux honeycomb support
  • 3 thicknesses to choose from: 3,5 or 10 mm
  • Ultra light and durable
  • Format up to A0 or custom-made

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Opportunities to print a site sign

Mostly used by craftsmen, construction companies and construction workers in general, the personalised site sign can also be used by businesses in other sectors toinform customers that the shop will be closed for work or, on the contrary, that it will remain open throughout the work. Practical and inexpensive, it avoids unpleasant surprises for customers during their visit.

When you carry out work in any building, two steps are essential and above all mandatory:

  • Obtain a building permit from the town hall of the municipality in which the building you wish to work on is located
  • Install a site sign at the work site, showing all the necessary legal information

If this rigid support is compulsory and the information it contains is defined by law, there is nothing to stop you from using this opportunity to highlight your construction or renovation company, thus letting other shopkeepers and passers-by know which company is in charge of the renovation of this place.

The large formats offered for the realization of your construction site sign allow you to display a large amount of information. You can add your logo or an image of the finished project to encourage potential customers to contact you for their own work.

Finally, these signs can be used for information purposes in order to communicate safety instructions, which are essential on a construction site, or to indicate a dangerous zone, a direction of traffic or a secondary entrance set up for the duration of the work. Very resistant, these signs are perfect for signposting and can be reused on subsequent sites, so don't hesitate to order several.

The advantages of akilux panels

At COPYMAGE, we print a wide variety of communication media on a daily basis(PVC panels, forex panels, etc.), which allows us to know exactly which material is best suited to a particular situation or use. For this reason, we have chosen to print our site signs on akilux, a honeycombed polypropylene material that has many advantages, especially for outdoor advertising.

Indeed, akilux is extremely robust, so it will be able to withstand weather, mould, UV, wind, frost or humidity, which makes it ideal for a display on a fence or barrier. Inexpensive, akilux is also a material that is appreciated for its lightness, making it easy to transport from site to site and to be hung by one person without any problem.

Good to know: an akilux construction panel can be used indoors because it meets the M1 fire standards, which are often required in places open to the public, such as trade fairs for example.

The printing options available to you

In order for you to be able to personalise your site sign as much as possible and thus obtain a result that corresponds exactly to your expectations and constraints, we offer you the choice between different options, particularly concerning the printing technique used. Indeed, you can choose to print on the front or the back:

  • Directly on the akilux support
  • On a vinyl which will then be laminated to the substrate.

Although a little more expensive, the second option offers a more premium and durable result as it strengthens your site sign while providing a brighter and more v ivid colour result. It also gives your site sign more protection against scratches, UV or corrosion.

Then comes the choice of the thickness of the support. Indeed, if akilux is an extremely resistant material, it may be wiser to opt for a thicker model or a foldable model depending on your needs and constraints. We suggest you choose between :

  • The lighter and more economical 3.5 mm thick panels are ideal for occasional use.
  • The 10mm thick panels are ideal for long term use and have better wind and weather resistance as they are more rigid. These panels are also ideal for printing a large format billboard.

Print formats and options

It is essential that your construction sign is perfectly legible from the public highway, but your sign must also be able to adapt to the surface on which it will be placed. We offer a wide range of sizes from 75×50 cm to 150×200 cm. Please note: signs for planning permission must be at least 80×80 cm, however they are usually printed in 80 x 120 cm format, which offers more space and allows you to display a logo, contact details or an image.

To save you time and make it easy to hang your work sign, we suggest you choosethe perforation option. By choosing this option, you will receive a panel with 2.5 cm holes on the side of your choice, made at regular intervals. Thanks to the galvanised (and therefore non-rusting) steel eyelets, your panel will be securely fixed and will remain in place for several weeks or months. Our advice if you choose this option: remember to leave a space of 4 x 4 cm without text or images in each corner of your sign to ensure that the eyelets do not obscure any part of your visual.

Finally, we suggestadding a vertical fold to your work panel with a thickness of 3.5 mm. With this fold, you will be able to give relief to your support thanks to two sides visible at 360°. This is an excellent way to increase the customisable surface area without incurring additional costs for the creation of a second panel.

Frequently asked questions about printing a site sign

How to hang a construction sign effectively?

Since it contains compulsory legal information, the construction site sign must be visible without the need to enter the site to read what is written. We therefore advise you tohang iton the fence or barrier of the building in which you are about to carry out work.

If there is none, you can install a solid structure (metal or wood) on which you can hang your sign. To save time and make it easier to hang your work sign, we recommend that you choose the perforated option. This will provide your panel with eyelets through which you can thread clamps or screws and washers.

Which way should I choose for the akilux grooves?

This is one of the special features of akilux: it is a surface with grooves or cells. Although the direction of these grooves is not necessarily important for a site sign intended to be hung on a solid wall or a fence, it is recommended to choose a model with grooves perpendicular to the surface if you wish to hang them on a post or a tree. This choice will allow your sign to remain perfectly straight and readable, but also to offer a better life span as it will not weaken it.

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