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A6 size printing


In Products > Printing

Your A6 prints: the most compact of all media to be slipped in anywhere!

The smallest format of the A series, 105 x 148 mm, has many advantages. As compact as it is economical, the A6 format is ideal for the creation of flyers, leaflets or postcards.

At Copymage, we make it easy for you to print all your media in A6 format.

The smallest format of the A series, 105 x 148 mm, has many advantages. As compact as it is economical, the A6 format is ideal for the creation of flyers, leaflets or postcards.

At Copymage, we make it easy for you to print all your media in A6 format.

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The A6 format: the smallest of the A format series

In the ISO 216 system used in France and Europe to categorize paper sizes, the A6 format is the smallest format. It is six times smaller than the reference format A0.

The number 6 next to the A means that you have to fold a sheet of A0 paper 6 times to obtain an A6 sheet. Thus, contrary to popular belief, the A6 format has the smallest size while having the highest number in the range.

This reduced format has many advantages when designing communication media: economy, lightness, impact. It is particularly suitable for the creation of flyers, postcards or leaflets.

The advantages of the A6 format

The small size of the A6 format has several advantages:

  • The A6 format is a format that allows to realize communication supports as impactful as economical.
  • The A6 format is par excellence the format for mass distribution by post or in the street.
  • The A6 format is also a format that can be easily stored and moved during professional events or trade shows for example.
  • The A6 format is convenient for you to handle, but also for your customers or prospects who slip it into their pocket, bag, etc.

The uses of the A6 format

The reduced size of the A6 format is particularly suitable for three types of communication media:

  • The A6 flyersA6 flyers: printed on one or both sides, A6 flyers are the perfect mobile communication medium. In the street, on a stand, in mailboxes or on the counter of your store, a well-designed flyer will attract the attention of your customers and provide them with essential information.
  • The advertising flyersIt is possible to make advertising flyers from an A6 sheet, but the folding system may leave little space to insert content. On the other hand, designing a 1-fold flyer from an A5 sheet allows you to combine the printable space of the A5 format (open) and the compactness of the A6 format (once closed).
  • The postcardsBy printing your media in A6 format on paper weighing 350 to 600 g/m2, you will obtain an original and qualitative communication similar to postcards. Ideal for a marketing campaign by mail or distribution on your partners' counters!

Frequently asked questions about the A6 format

What are the dimensions of the A6 format?

The A6 size is the smallest size in the range. It measures 105 x 148 mm.

It is :

  • twice as small as the A5 format (148 x 210 mm). This means that the length of the A6 format corresponds to the width of the A5 format.
  • four times smaller than the A4 format. In other words, if you put 4 sheets of A6 paper side by side, it forms an A4 sheet like the one you use in your printer at home.

How to combine the advantages of the A6 format and the A5 format?

In order to combine the advantages of the A6 format and the A5 format, we advise you to create flyers from an A5 sheet which, once folded, will allow you to obtain a closed A6 format flyer.

This option has several advantages:

  • You benefit from the useful surface of the A5 format to print texts and illustrations.
  • You keep a reduced A6 format which facilitates transport and distribution by post.
  • The result is an A6 size flyer with a more sophisticated shape than a flyer.
  • Vous pouvez utiliser le jeu des plis pour rythmer le contenu de votre dépliant: une couverture attractive donnera envie aux clients de se saisir de votre dépliant, un message clé placé sur la double page intérieure l’informera sur l’événement, les produits ou les prestations que vous proposez. Enfin le dos de votre dépliant comportera un appel à action précis et convaincant : “venez profitez de nos offres exceptionnelles avant telle date”, “rejoignez-nous sur tel réseau social”, “participez à notre événement”, etc.

This makes your flyer complete, impactful and compact.

How to create an impactful A6 flyer?

The A6 format offers a reduced printable area: 105 x 148 mm - not counting the 5 mm neutral zone inside your project in which we advise you not to put any text or important illustrations at the risk of these elements being cut off when cutting your flyers.

However, an A6 flyer is a great communication tool, economical and impactful when it is well designed. To help you in the design of your A6 flyer, we offer you some tips:

  • Choose ONE main message to gain the immediate attention of your prospects. You want to make an impression and arouse curiosity.
  • Structure your message: choose a legible font, prioritize the information using bullet points, don't forget the "call to action", get to the point!
  • Take care of the layout: arrange the elements harmoniously, add an attractive illustration in tones compatible with your graphic charter. But don't overload your flyer!
  • Multiply the impact of your flyer: by adding a QR code that will link to your website, you capitalize on the complementarity between paper and digital communication. Moreover, the QR code is an excellent tool to measure the impact of your communication campaign, indeed it allows you to count the number of people who went to the page and measure the effectiveness of the distribution of your flyers in a tangible way.

At Copymage, we always entrust your printing projects to one of our experts. He or she has a perfect understanding of your expectations and can offer you the best possible support in printing your communication materials in A6 format.

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