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Customised loyalty card printing


In Products > Business cards

Customised loyalty card printing in 4 hours

Used by a great many retailers in all sectors, the loyalty card is a very useful communication medium that allows professionals to strengthen the link they have with their customers by offering them certain advantages. With COPYMAGE, you can order your loyalty card to be printed in a few clicks and benefit from numerous customisation options.

Used by a great many retailers in all sectors, the loyalty card is a very useful communication medium that allows professionals to strengthen the link they have with their customers by offering them certain advantages. With COPYMAGE, you can order your loyalty card to be printed in a few clicks and benefit from numerous customisation options.

  • Time limit 4H
  • Single or double format
  • Rigid paper 400g
  • Laminating and selective varnishing

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The benefits of loyalty cards

Establishing a relationship of trust and closeness with your customers is a very important part of your marketing strategy and the loyalty card is the ideal medium for this. Simple to set up and distribute to your customers at the checkout, it allows you to reward your regular customers and encourage them to return to your establishment. Your customers will feel privileged and will be more likely to choose your shop rather than a competitor's.

Thanks to a personalised stamp, you can mark the number of points a customer obtains at each checkout directly on his card in a few seconds. Easy to use, the loyalty card to be printed is undoubtedly one of the communication supports to be absolutely had in its shop because it makes it possible to make your customers the ambassadors of your brand, the whole at lower cost.

Small and compact, loyalty cards can accompany your customers wherever they go by fitting in their wallet, allowing them to always have your contact details and possibly a map to get to your point of sale. Visible every time the wallet is opened, the loyalty card is an extremely effective communication medium.

Loyalty card formats and printing papers

Loyalty cards are usually printed in credit card format (85 x 55 mm) to fit easily into a wallet, but we can also create customised cards. In this case, the dimensions of your loyalty card to be printed should be between 60 x 50 mm and 95 x 55 mm.

Would you like to include more information on your card, such as a map or other points of sale in your chain? More boxes to fill in with the stamp? No problem, justchoose a double format loyalty card, which will be folded in two. Double cards are available in the following sizes:

  • Standard double format 85 x 55 mm (i.e. 85 x 110 mm open)
  • Double wide format 170 x 55 mm (i.e. 170 x 110 mm open)

All loyalty cards are printed on 400 g paper, which makes the card semi-rigid and therefore more resistant. Printing can be done on the front side of the card only or on both sides, in black and white or in colour.

The different finishes we offer

In order for you to personalise your loyalty card and make it unique, we offer several finishing options such as lamination. Lamination is the application of a thin layer of plastic to your card to enhance its appearance and make it more resistant. The different lamination options are as follows:

  • Glossy lamination: ideal for images, this lamination allows bright colours to be highlighted by making the card even more glossy.
  • Matte lamination : often used by more upmarket brands, this lamination gives a matte look that is both modern and chic.
  • Soft-touch lamination: also known as "peach skin", this lamination combines a semi-matt finish with a velvety feel, making the card pleasant to hold.

Good to know: Laminating can be applied to all sides of your card, however we advise you not to apply it to the areas where ink is to be applied with a stamp or pen as this may make writing difficult or cause the stamp ink to smudge.

Do you want to highlight a specific element of your loyalty card, such as your logo or the advantage your customer can obtain by completing their card? Selective varnishing is undoubtedly the right finish. Indeed, it will allow you to highlight one or several elements by adding some shine on them. The 3D selective varnish works on the same principle and allows you to play on the relief by adding an extra thickness on the chosen area.

Finally, you can choose between classic square corners or rounded corners , which will add a touch of originality to your loyalty card while preventing the corners from corroding too quickly.

Frequently asked questions about loyalty card printing

What must be included on the map?

Loyalty cards are not subject to any legal obligations regarding the information that must be included on them, so you don't have to add any specific information. However, to make the card easily identifiable, we recommend that you include your shop's contact details: name, address, telephone number, email, etc.

This will allow your customers to know in which shop they got the card and to be able to contact you if they need to. If you have enough space on your card, it may also be useful to include the opening hours of your shop and the addresses of other shops if there are several. A brief explanation of how the loyalty scheme works will also be useful and will help customers to know what they are entitled to once their card is full.

The size and colour of the boxes to be filled in with a signature or stamp are up to you. However, we advise you to choosea light or even whitebackground so that the ink is perfectly legible. The size of the boxes should also correspond to the width of your stamp.

Our advice: take advantage of your loyalty card printing order to provide yourself with personalised loyalty stamps so that customers cannot falsify the signature you put on the card and benefit from discounts or rewards without having the necessary number of checkouts.

How to create an impactful loyalty card?

Loyalty cards will be handled a lot by your customers, so it's a good idea to use them to convey useful messages. For example, you can show the breadth of your range inside the card to encourage the customer to try new products, or present a value-added service that differentiates you from the competition.

Don't forget to include your social networks on the card, or any other communication channel that will allow your customers to stay in touch with you and follow your news: this is also a very good way to engage in conversation with them and create a close relationship. The loyalty card is also an opportunity to wink at your customers in a less formal way: don't hesitate to be original and funny in order to leave a mark on them and establish a relationship of connivance with them.

Finally, keep in mind that your loyalty card will be buried in the wallet among many other cards. Being original with the format or colours will help you stand out. You can even go as far as creating a loyalty stamp that will leave an imprint on the loyalty card in the form of pictograms related to your activity: a pair of scissors for a hairdresser, a hamburger for a fast food restaurant...

Be careful, however: it is essential to remain recognisable, by personalising your card with the same graphic charter as your other media: logo, typeface, colour, etc.

How to create an attractive loyalty programme?

First and foremost, you need to think through your loyalty programme.

2 essential criteria to follow:

  • Theattractiveness of the reward. It must be attractive enough for the customer to want to come back to your point of sale several times. It is also a way of showing the customer that you value them.
  • The difficulty of obtaining the reward. You need to calculate the conditions for obtaining it carefully. Too easy to obtain: it will cost too much and will not increase your turnover. Too hard to get: customers will be discouraged from the start and the desired effect will not be achieved.

To do this, you need to observe your customers' purchase frequency and average basket so that the reward system can encourage them to increase their consumption level.

The reward can be :

  • or cash (vouchers, discount points, a free dessert, a free menu). This has the enormous advantage of appealing to the largest number of your customers, of being a universal reward and also of being economically interesting for you. Indeed, by giving a free dessert, you value the sales value of the dessert and not its production cost. This also encourages your customers to come and eat at your place and buy more than just a dessert.
  • or it may be of a different, more emotional nature. Some brands create such a strong relationship with their customers that the rewards of their loyalty programme can be: invitations to events organised by the brand, preview information, private sales, opening of sale privileges 24 hours before... Very often, by activating these reward mechanisms, brands, in addition to creating an emotional relationship with their customers, engage a hard core of ambassadors who allow them to spread the word about the brand.

A word of advice: don't hesitate to look at the competitors' offers. Your customers will inevitably compare and go to the merchant who seems to be the most generous or at least the most fair.

To go further...

In addition to handing out the loyalty card, you can also collect some essential information about your customers. All you have to do is encourage them to fill in the information on your website or on a paper form at the checkout and offer them an additional immediate benefit.

You can then get to know them better and create a portfolio of email addresses or telephone numbers. You will then be able to solicit this customer file by SMS or email to present them with your news or push promotions during off-peak periods, specific events or on the occasion of your customers' birthdays.

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