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Express roll-up printing in just 4 hours


In Products > Roll-up

Print your personalised express roll-up in 4 hours

Used at many events but also to communicate at points of sale, the self-supporting roll-up is a must for communication media. Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can opt for express roll-up printing in just 4 hours, while benefiting from numerous options, particularly concerning the format of your roll-up.

Used at many events but also to communicate at points of sale, the self-supporting roll-up is a must for communication media. Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can opt for express roll-up printing in just 4 hours, while benefiting from numerous options, particularly concerning the format of your roll-up.

  • Express 4H
  • Format 85 x 200 to 200 x 300 cm
  • Includes free carrying case
  • Easy to assemble and transport


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Good reasons to communicate with an express roll-up

The most important thing when you want to communicate important information to your customers or present your company is visibility. Whether at a trade fair, in a shopping street or simply in a sales outlet, effective communication must be easily noticed and readable in just a few seconds. For this, the roll-up is the ideal solution.

Not only is it an original medium, but it can also be moved in seconds, allowing you to try out different locations and determine which one is the most effective on your customers. Thanks to its solid, weighted metal base, the express roll-up can be installed indoors or outdoors, giving you a high level of flexibility.

Another advantage, and not the least, is that the roll-up can be set up anywhere in a matter of seconds. This is a great advantage, especially at trade fairs, seminars and exhibitions, as you can personalise your stand and communicate quickly. Once the event is over, your express roll-up rolls up into the stand and remains protected for as long as necessary.

The different formats and media available

So that each professional can order the express roll-up that corresponds exactly to his or her needs and constraints, we offer you a choice of four different sizes:

  • Standard size: 85 x 200 cm
  • The XL format: 150 x 200 cm
  • The XL square format: 200 x 200 cm
  • The XXL format: 200 x 300 cm

Whichever model of express roll-up you choose, it will be delivered already mounted on its frame so that you only have to unroll it when you need it. You will also be offered a carrying case to make it easier to carry and store your roll-up. Depending on the size of the tarpaulin, your stand can weigh between 3 and 7 kg, so this cover will make it easier to carry.

Depending on the format you choose for your express roll-up, you can opt for different types of tarpaulins:

  • Standard roll-ups and XL roll-ups can be printed on a 500g PVC ripstop tarpaulin , or on a 340g M1 fire retardant coated tarpaulin.
  • The XXL express roll-up is printed on M1 fireproof polyester fabric, also with a weight of 270g.

All our tarpaulins are of high quality and will give you the best possible result, so it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. However, it is important to note that most enclosed public areas (shopping centres, exhibition halls, etc.) will require you to use only M1 fire rated materials to limit the risk of fire.

The advantages of the express print package

At COPYMAGE, we work with many professionals from a wide range of sectors and we know that one of their constraints is time. Last minute trade fairs, old roll-ups that are stuck or contain out-of-date information when an event is approaching: these situations certainly ring a bell. To counteract this, we have chosen to offer a wide range of communication materials in express form.

Thanks to this formula, you can pick up your order in record time: only 4 hours are needed to print your express roll-up. Once your order has been placed and your visual has been checked by our teams, we send it to our technical teams who willprint your express roll-up first, then mount it on its support and store it in its cover.

Four hours later, your order is ready! Are you located in the Paris area? You can save even more time by picking up your order directly from our print shop located at 8 rue Saint-Roch in Paris. If you can't come, we can arrange for a courier to deliver your express roll-up to the location of your choice: offices, trade fairs, customer meetings, airports, etc. Orders to other regions of France will be shipped immediately and delivered by post or by approved carriers the next day.

Frequently asked questions about express roll-ups

How is this type of roll-up mounted?

This is one of the most popular advantages of the express roll-up: it is very quick to install. Here are the steps to follow to install your stand indoors or outdoors:

  • Take the holder out of its protective pouch and place it on the ground
  • Unroll the tarpaulin without forcing it
  • Stretch the tarpaulin and hang the top of it on the mast

Your roll-up is ready to be displayed! Please note: although this type of display can be used outdoors, strong gusts of wind could damage it, so we advise you to keep it indoors when the climate is not suitable.

What elements should be highlighted on this medium?

The purpose of a roll-up is toattract the eye of passers-by because of its more original format than a poster for example. However, your customers or prospects will probably not take the time to stop in front of it to read the information it contains. It must therefore be concise, readable and organised.

To do this, we advise you todraw up a short catchphrase, possibly highlighting a flagship product or service that represents your business well. The aim is to make those who see the roll-up want to come and engage in conversation with you or to go to a specific department that you want to highlight.

To ensure that your express roll-up is clearly visible, it is also important to choose the right location. The ideal location is of course a high-traffic area, such as the entrance to a shop or an alley. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the mobility of this medium to test several locations in order to choose the most effective.

How to prepare the file for printing?

A roll-up cover is a large format medium, even if you opt for the standard model, so it's essential to work with large, high-resolution images to avoid blurred results. Don't worry: our teams systematically check each file free of charge before sending it to print, so we can contact you quickly if necessary.

For the best result, we ask you to provide us with a PDF file. Please note: the bottom 20 cm of the file will be located in the roller and will therefore not be visible, so this part must remain blank. Finally, we advise you to also keep 10 cm free at the top of your visual in case this area is also hidden by the mounting brackets of your express roll-up.

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